Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What's so special about SEX?

There are times we have to reflect on certain mysteries that have come to affect our daily lives in such a manner that keeps us wondering about the complexity of life in its entire form. There’s something extraordinary about this 3-letter word that makes me borrow a line from a traditional praise-song poem to sufficiently describe it:

“… One sees and points towards with all one’s fingers.”

What’s so special about SEX that makes everybody want to talk about it? This assumption might not be generally acceptable because even with the advancement of technology and a lot of stuff that has now come to stay, a lot of people especially in religious quarters still don’t want to talk about it. If you have never thought about the true essence of SEX and all the mystery that surrounds it, maybe we should all spend a few minutes after reading this to critically examine if there’s really a mystery surrounding this word.

Have u ever wondered why husbands cheat on their wives because of sex and vice-versa?

Have u ever wondered why parents find it so difficult to talk to their children about sex?

Have u ever wondered why a whole lot of us can’t wait until we get married before we experiment with sex?

Have u ever wondered what the world would look like if God activates our hormones on our wedding night?

Have u ever wondered why it is believed that sex affects our destinies?

My thoughts and contribution towards making the world a better place!

Friday, November 14, 2008


When one becomes frustrated or is becoming frustrated just like I am, different thoughts begin to fight for attention in one’s soul and mind. I don’t even know why I was born in Nigeria because I’m beginning to think that nothing works in this country unless you know the right people or have the right connections. Before you begin to wonder why this guy suddenly disappeared from blogville and suddenly appears again with this kind of post/blabbing, I’m simply frustrated because I don’t have a job yet. A blogger advised I would feel much better if I let out my anger on blogville rather than keep it all to myself.

It’s been two months since the end of serving my fatherland via that structure called NYSC.To a lot of people; they think I’m just giving myself unnecessary stress because I haven’t really stayed at home for a very long time. Why shouldn’t I be bothered when I don’t know if I’m still going to be staying at home for a longer time? At my age, I carry my old man’s stuff to the car every morning just to ensure something drops in my pocket before he leaves for work in the mornings when I’m supposed to be the one dropping something for my parents. I have to cook, baby-sit (my sister’s kid) and run weird errands. The most annoying thing about getting a job in this country is writing GMAT tests which I have come to hate so much, probably due to the fact that I never liked Maths but seriously I don’t think those tests are a true test of one’s ability. A friend was telling me a few days back that she knows some guy who knows all the answers to a particular bank’s test because he has written it so many times but still hasn’t gotten a job.

I was surprised a few days back when I received a text from an … agency where I had gone to write one of such tests telling me "you did your best but unfortunately you did not pass the best …".How on earth was I going to pass the test in the first place when we had just 15 mins to answer 20 questions with Maths questions you needed to work out before you picked your answers? The funny thing about the experience was that a few hours after I got the text, another text came in from them telling me to disregard the first text I got from them because they were having some problems with their SMS provider. At this time, I was expecting a miracle until …I got another text telling me I finally didn’t pass the test! A certain popular blogger has been ‘yabbing’ and calling me an ‘olodo’ because I couldn’t pass the test .For the fun of it; I think this blogger should take the test and see if he deserves to call me an ‘olodo’.

Am I feeling better now that I have let it all out?

Saturday, October 4, 2008


This is the Part 2 of the joint post 'Jambite' - posted on Naijalines' blog several weeks back. I must confess that Naijalines has been a great friend,sister,motivator and virtual crush (this started when she started the virtual crush craze on blogville) since my sojourn into blogging began. I must also remind you that Naijalines and I graduated from the same university and same department(great coincidence) but I must also mention that she graduated in the 80s while I graduated sometime in 2007 (Naijalines,I prostrate in deep respect!).
From our contributions, I hope you will be able to appreciate the different periods and time span.

200 level created other ‘levels’ for cousin & I
We joined the league of BQ boys
Though we had to pay through the nose for it
We moved in and everybody thought we were rich guys
But we actually lived like normal guys drinking garri & cooking beans(once in a while)

U.I had become so conservative
Everywhere was silent & deserted after 9pm
Nothing interesting was happening on campus
Triangular life was the way
There was no main joint in the whole campus where students could hang out
After 9pm, you were at risk of getting your phone snatched
Security became a big issue

We defiled all odds
Moving around at odd hours wasn’t a big deal for us
The roads leading to female halls Idia & Awo knew us well
Apart from visiting the girls
The English Premiership & Champions League made Awo Hall a delight to visit
After visiting the girls & watching football
We branched at Iya John’s in front of Idia Hall to fill the stomach for dinner
This woman was a jack-of-all food
She sold everything from moi-moi, fried yam, akara, bread to fried meat
The table used for selling became a meeting point for many on campus
Girls were chased & toasted while akara was being sold & bought .

In my last two years in the premier University
I got involved in a relationship that generated a lot of gossip
A lot of friends believed
I was too cool and smooth for the relationship
It didn't work out in the end
I learnt my lessons though.

The club boys made Friday nights interesting with their convoys
Their penchant for lining up their cars in front of Idia & St.Annes added a little bit of life
Never went to a convoy party until after my final exams in U.I
We were still on the move to the party venue at 1a.m
Girl I was supposed to go with
Came to the take-off point with me but ended up
Zooming off in another guy’s car.

As a female stalelite, there was only one way out if you wanted a social life.
When bobos ask you if you're a jambite
Better say yes or you're dust
You see...a stalelite is like an adelebo*{1}
You are yesterday's news
So if you really like a toasterYou paro fun ni o*{2}
Then later ti o ba ti gba ti e*{3}
You drop the bombshell...gently

The same thing goes for party invitations
Do not tell guys the 'S' word
If you don't want to become party woodliceA.k.a. unwanted infestation
Lie, lie, lie if you want to go to the 'happening' parties in town.

I never really understood the 'discrimination' against stalelites
Except that guys liked fresh blood a.k.a journey just come
You see it was an advantage to guys
Particularly those with the worst reputations
If the girl does not know a boy is 'bad', she may not be on her guard
And so she becomes game a.k.a prey to the hungry lions

I remember Dr (Mrs) Ogunyemi
Our English Prose and Feminism Lecturer
Boy, she was good!
Her passion gave feminism a vibrant following
Boys frowned, girls cheered.
We danced with joy to Elizabeth's strength of character in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice
We were all too aware of the injustice and oppression in Buchi Emecheta's Second Class Citizen...
so shocking...
Sexism in Nigeria's igbo culture intermingled with racism to become a woman's nightmare in far away England.
To this day, those two books remain staple favourites in my library

I remember Dr Ashaolu
Our English Poetry and African Drama lecturer
Everyone loved his lecturing style, his calm gentle manner
He was also my supervisor for my final thesis
It was a wonderful experience
I did not let him down. I did well.

I remember sharing a room with born again christians in my 3rd year
Actually they were cool once they realised I wasn't the fellowship type
I did my thing, they did theirs
My boyfriend was off to NYSC then
He was 2 years ahead of me
For some reason he thought it would be a good idea for us to take a 'break'
A.k.a. this is my year to sleep around before I come back to you
I did not argue. He had his 'break'.
By the time he came back, someone else was filling in, covering his 'break'
He was livid, I was amused.
"What's the matter?" I asked
"I thought you wanted a break, did you have fun?"
"It wasn't that sort of break", he snapped.
Anyway, he gave me an ultimatum
I broke up with the other guy
We got back together.
In hindsight it was a mistake
Ah...we learn, we learn.
A year later I broke up with Mr Ultimatum
We were meant to travel together to the UK and get married
We didn't make it
Such is life
Many girls had the same experience with 'NYSC break -up strategy'
Boys were so stupid then. Are they still like that now?

Uni experiences do shape and prepare one for the adult world
So much is learnt about oneself and relationships with others
The stalelite says goodbye to teenagehood and hello to full adulthood
Unfortunately, adulthood does not come with an instruction manual
You have to find your way.

Translations - Yoruba to English:
1. Adelebo - Married woman (just 'poetic licence' - no sexism intended or to be inferred)
2. You lie to him
3. Later when he's really into you

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I'm back!Special thanks to all those who sent in comments to encourage me during a very tough emotional crisis period.I survived it and I strongly believe we are back together stronger than before!

On Saturday 13th September,2008,I found myself on the beach for the much publicised 'Summer Blogger Reunion'.I must confess that I kept asking myself when I got to the beach if I was actually in my right senses probably because I got there early and there was nothing like SBR going on anywhere in sight and because I had been relating with total strangers via phone calls.I called Princesa(the girl fine no be small 4 real life o) and she told me she was still on her way to the beach.I was actually the first to arrive(dem no give me award sha).My troubled mind began to relax and decided to do a little bit of bonding very close to the ocean with the friend I took along.

Princesa got to the beach and we immediately hit it off as if we had been friends for a long while.She came with her sister and I'm seriously regretting now that I left the beach without collecting her phone number(abeg no vex princesa).The other guys didn't come in on time and I was really getting worried that the whole thing was going to mess up.I'm so sure Princesa was getting worried too but she didn't show it at all.Princesa forced me to stand up to dance with her by force even when the party had not started but that really got me grooving before the other bloggers showed up.

The next set of guys to show up were the controversial exschoolnerd,charizad and woomie o.These creatures-sorry-bloggers made me realise I hadn't wasted my hard-earned resources to come for the party.I had to rub my eyes twice to make sure I was seeing exschoolnerd for real.She actually didn't act as crazy as she has made all of us believe.I actually didn't know why she wanted to beat me when I introduced myself.Apart from exschoolnerd,Princesa and Charizad,I was the only other blogger that didn't really care about giving away his true identity when anybody asked.Charizad was all over exschoolnerd and woomie o as if what they shared inside the taxi wasn't enough(thanks to exschoolnerd).

Three guys at the party however refused to let us in on their identity but we had fun like you all know already.There were latecomers also but they ended up 'hyping' the party.Baddeeeeeeeeeeeeeerchic-this girl is something else!I almost killed myself or did I make d mistake of dancing with her?This girl can dance despite ......!Badderchic if u are reading this,abeg who is that chic u came with?

How did I leave fineboyagbero out of the picture?When he came in,he claimed he was an anonymous blogger but it didn't take us time to figure out who he really was.This guy is fine but he actually didn't show us any 'agbero' skills.He just kept taking pictures as if he was working for CITY PEOPLE.Miz-cynic added flavour to the party with her lovely smile.I kept looking at her from afar just to catch a glimpse of that enchanting smile of hers.She dances very well too.

The beauty of the SBR was that most of us were total strangers but we blended and mingled as if we had known each other for ages!

FOR ...!
I actually told SOMEONE that I was going to dedicate an entire post to her for all the stress she went through in organising the SBR.PRINCESA,this post is for you!

Monday, September 15, 2008


I was pushed by guilt to make a confession to the 'loml' some few hours ago about some things that went down between me and my last controversial post(i'm sure d women on blogville are happy now).

'Loml' didn't find it funny at all and she has refused to listen to my pleas to act as if nothing happened.Kai,i don enter my own!R.kelly's 'if i could turn back the hands of time' comes in handy into my life right now and it has been on playback in my head since I made that confession.Though I feel better now after making the confession,the way she is taking it is driving me crazy.She doesn't even want to see me -forever?(i go die!) at least for now.

I'm out of blogville till I sort out my emotional issues!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


With due respect to all the girls-(i'm so sorry)-ladies in blogville,I'm so surprised that some ladies feel that they can call the shots in any relationship,friendship or whatever exists in anything that has to do with both sexes.

I met her some few months ago.

The first time I talked to her,she had the usual 'why do u want to talk to me?' air around her.The fact that I wanted to prove a point and test my skills(guys will understand better) made me continue the quest of making her my friend.It wasn't supposed to be more than that but 'somethings' went down and we became attracted(her word for what went down) to each other.She obviously thought I wanted something more but left to me I was having fun and reducing the boredom I was entangled with during the remaining few weeks to the end of my service year.

I wanted to be a good guy and gentlemen when I wanted us to talk about 'it' so that she wouldn't think I was a bad guy that wanted to 'chop and go'(stop it!-i didn't chop anything o before your imagination starts running wild).
She sits up straight and says 'I don't think you know me at all.I told you before that there can't be anything between us more than us being friends....'
I was laughing seriously on the inside,I never asked for anything more than friendship!

Girls(don't know why I keep using this word)-sorry-ladies feel they always know it all and can control the pace of anything especially relationships.To me,it doesn't work out that way especially when the guy you are dealing with has been a 'bad boy' before and has already seen it all as per relationships.We only want friendship alone at times!

Special thanks to all the ladies who hold on when we(guys) go astray!Infact this post is dedicated to you all!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rantings of a CLO

For a whole year, I have been doing the most difficult job anyone can imagine.I have been managing a group of about 200 people or thereabout.I have come to realise that people or let's say that Nigerian folks are so difficult to manage.

I don't know why anyone who has gone through the four walls of a citadel of learning in Nigeria would find it so difficult to pay a token fee of 500naira out of a monthly stipend(allawee) of about 9,750naira (even though it's not paid on time) to embark on a project that will benefit a certain part of the community.I have learnt so much from this and I have realised that a lot of us always want to take without giving back.Talking about giving back to the community,do you believe that there is an Health Centre I know of where they use candles to take deliveries because of non-avaliablity of electricity?

With just a week and a few days to dumping the uniform nobody has respect for in a city where the governor is trying to leave a mark by planting trees,I look back and remember once again how the journey started,friends that have been made for life,people with characters that will always make you laugh and wonder whether they dropped from the moon.I promise to do full package of these characters in the nearest future.Still counting the days,all the job oppourtunities in Nigeria seem to have disappeared.I desperately need a job because I want to get married soon o.(just joking & hope one tall lanky blogger won't take me up on this once again)

On a lighter note,a fellow 'ajuwaya' claims he doesn't pay transport fare whenever he is in his uniform.All he does when the conductor asks for the fare is to say 'staff'.I tried it once and I was almost slapped by the conductor.I 'jejeli' brought out my money.Who wants to be disgraced in Lagos?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Service Year Thoughts

In a few weeks,I would be saying farewell to serving my fatherland in Nigeria's most difficult city called lagos.As at the time we were in the Orientation camp,I was already regretting getting posted to lagos.

I thought Lagos was going to be a bed of roses in terms of job opportunities and a lot more but I have come to realise that isn't what Lagos is all about.After spending almost a year in Lagos,I obviously don't want to leave again.There is so much money to be made in Lagos!(wonder when I will begin to 'chop' out of the money Lagos has to offer)

Okay!How did my service year go or how has it been so far?

My teaching experience is an experience that will forever be etched in the archives of my soul.I had problems at first that I would be teaching during my service year.I don't even have a teaching qualification.I tried all that was humanly possible to get a letter of rejection from the school I was posted to all to no avail.I lost two great job opportunities due to this but I guess the typical 'naija' spirit in me made me make up my mind to forge ahead.At first,it was difficult to blend at my place of primary assignment because I thought I just didn't fit into that setting because I had a great job before service year which involved wearing suits to work(you can imagine the change in 'levels').

Don't let me bore you.

I had fun though especially when I participated in preparing the students for a drama competition in Muson Center where we came 3rd.I also wanted to become a secondary school student again because my students were just too full of tricks that I wished I had performed on some of my teachers when I was in secondary school.

I could go on and on but I guess I should leave the rest so that D'banj or 9ice can get lyrics for their next song/album from me!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

... is it time to bow out?

I think it's time to bow out of blogville!

I just don't understand the fact that I have been trying to put something up for the past three weeks and nothing seems to be forthcoming.Some call it writer's block but I think mine is more than a writer's block or how else does one explain the fact that I have been trying to put up a post for almost a month!

Don't blame or judge me because I know you have started already.This blogging is not an easy task but I must appreciate all those bloggers that consistently keep the flag flying.I think I actually know the reasons why I have not been able to make a post for almost a whole month.

There are just so many things to blog about.Let me list some:
a.I want to blog about my last few days in my place of primary assignment(NYSC)
b.I want to talk about D'banj's new album
c.I want to talk about my new found challenge .......... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
d.I want to talk about the first time .................
e.I want to talk about the interest of bloggers in anything that has to do with sex
f.I want to -sorry-my hands are itching to talk about a particular blogger(who says he is going to 'blog-fry' me if i do)because I think I know him a little too well.

There is absolutely so much to talk about but ...

Monday, June 30, 2008

How can it be ...

How can it be high?

That's the question I have been asking myself over the last one week.

It all started about two weeks ago when one of my colleagues at work who shares the office with me came to work at the beginning of the week looking so downcast.She obviously had a very bad weekend.When she couldn't hold it any longer,she began to pour out her heart(that's a story for another day).

Few hours later,I saw her checking her BP in the clinic and I decided to check mine out of curiosity.After fiddling with the equipment for a few seconds,the nurse said my BP was a little bit high.The look on my face changed and I was wondering why my BP should be a 'little bit high' at this stage of my life.

It got me thinking for a few days and it suddenly dawned on me that the situation in our dear treasure called Naija could be the cause of my high BP.

-erratic supply of electricity
-democracy has turned into a 'feast' for our politicians
-you need to have the right connections to get a job
-one needs to also get a postgraduate qualification to increase your chances of getting a job
-cost of living is so high
-young people die everyday
-as a man in Nigeria,so much is expected from you
-naija girls want the money first before comittment
-so many people 'flash' you and expect you to call back
-everything that can make you a man is damn so expensive ...

... the list is endless!

So tell me, why won't my BP be a 'little bit high'?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The P Square Videos

The P Square videos came out a few weeks back and to a large extent the videos have generated a lot of reviews and airplay.I'm a great fan of the new hip-hop Nigerian music and I have also turned myself into a sort of critic of the various genres of the new revolution called Nigerian music.

I strongly believe P Square could have done better with their new set of videos.With all due respect, their songs were 'tite'.The 'no 1 like u' track turns my head whenever I listen to it and I have made up my mind to play it for my '4' on our wedding day as she's being driven to church(it's part of my daydreaming quirk).'ifunaya' is also so good.You will want to listen to these two songs over and over again.To me the two videos lacked sufficient creativity.I know guys abroad have commended the videos because there's something more creative about Nigerian music videos now.

The 'no 1 like u' video was very okay and realistic up till the end of the first verse but the real essence of the song was lost throughout the remaining part of the video.I wonder why a particular guy in that video was carrying a tuber of yam(na comedy we dey watch?).One question I would to ask the director of that video was why the video was not shot with all the aesthetics of a typical Nigerian wedding and why they restricted the shooting of the video to the confines of a studio.

'ifunaya' was creative enough but still wondering why ex-Miss Nigeria danced with only one of the twins throughout the duration of the video.I was arguing with a few friends that the 'ifunaya' video helped us all to know exactly which of the twins is going out with the ex-Miss Nigeria.

I'm giving kudos to the director of the 'roll it' video because of the mixture of costume colours.There was a beautiful sequence of colours via the costumes.From green to yellow and from yellow to red.

There's a strong indication that the entertainment industry vis-a-vis music has come to stay in Nigeria.

New kid on the

NB:Can someone please ask 9ice if he has gone to shoot his videos in the moon?We are getting tired of waiting 'gongo asociously' for his videos to come out!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

This tag thing sef ...

I don't know why I have been running away from this but I guess I have to do this afterall.

I was tagged by a tite blogger called abby.

1.Link the person who tagged you
2.Mention the rules in ur blog
3.Tell about six(6) unspectacular quirks of urs
4.Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
5.Leaving a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blog letting them know they have been tagged.

My quirks;

1.I can't use the toilet without ensuring I wipe off every trace of misdirected urine or water on the surface before I use it(even in my own home).I won't just be comfortable if my 'yansh' hits the surface and there is water on it.

2.You won't catch me sleeping with my clothes on at night no matter how cold (don't get any ideas).The only time you will catch me with a pyjamas is if I'm sleeping outside the confines and comfort zone of my room.

3.I daydream a lot about my wedding day,my first car,my house,my business empire,my boo,my wedding suit and my honeymoon(u can imagine, when i'm not a girl).If you get too close to me,I may bore you with my dreams.My 4 can testify to this.

4.I make friends at first with any girl I want to ask out.Most times the friendship ends up too deep and I don't gather up the courage to ask them out.

5.I always have the terrible feeling that all the girls I have gone out with don't want to leave me alone.

6.There are times in my life I just want to be alone.My cousin believes I'm not normal,he says I can stay alone without talking to anybody for 25 years!

7.would have written more but you guys said six ...

Everybody seems to have been tagged.I can't find anybody else to tag!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A year ago ...

Let's call her D.

Exactly a year ago,we called it quits.We both knew on that day it was never going to work out because of our blood group status.You were 'AS' and I was also 'AS'.I can remember vividly the tears in your eyes that night.You cried out your eyes like never before.It was so difficult for me to console you that night.D went back to her room that night only for her to knock on my door at about 5'o clock the next day.I felt it in my bones that morning that you were on your way to my room(we were that close).When you knocked,it wasn't much of a surprise.The tears continued to flow that morning because we were both leaving school that day.

We thought it was over but we couldn't just leave each other because what we shared was REAL.I had to tell a lie to travel for about 2hours just to see you.The few hours we spent together went a long way to show how much we had missed each other but we kept telling ourselves we had broken up.I still remember our last words to each other when you saw me off to the park.

A week later,D was back in town.It was just so difficult to stay away from each other or was I finding it difficult to stay away from D.We were together for a few days when I allowed one of my moods to finally put a stop to our relationship.We had a fight that virtually spoilt everything we had shared 4 a long time.I got pissed because you were finding it so difficult to forgive me after I had apologised.I allowed the bitterness of that misunderstanding to control my decisions of finally calling it quits with you.

D thought I was the most wicked guy that ever lived.

I hope I will be able to sit D down someday in the nearest future and let her realise that if I didn't move on with my life, we would still be toiling with our future,our lives and our emotions.

It's exactly a year that we broke up but D still lingers in my heart.If D ever gets to read this,I want her to know I will always appreciate her for giving me a chance to come into her life!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

what's so special about 9ice?

I don't mince words whenever I say I'm a huge fan of the new Nigerian music industry even though the nudity some of the musical videos showcase baffles me.

What's so special about this guy called 9ice?His 'gongo aso' track seems to be getting more hype everyday.I was watching primetime jamz or is it primetime africa(whatever) last night when a footage of his performance at Alariwo's 10th anniversary was shown.I was amazed at the crowd reception when he came on stage.Almost everybody in that hall stood up to move,dance,shake(God knows) to the song.It was so intresting to note that almost all if not all the so called lagos big girls in that hall stood up to dance and applaude the guy's performance.Even an old 'young' man called D1 of Kennis music fame stood up to appreciate 9ice.I ask again "what's so special about 9ice?"

The talk about town is that 9ice is currently shooting the videos 4 his album.I'm patiently waiting to see if his videos will be able to match the hype the whole of Nigeria has given this young man.

It still pains me dat I don't know how to sing.You can imagine the way I felt when I saw D'banj's house on t.v.Due to this,I'm seriously trying to stop monitoring musical videos and programmes on t.v because the more I see,the more I try to improve on my voice.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I don't even know where to start from.My eyes don see for this thing called NYSC.Can you imagine that students I don't even teach are planning to set me up.Up till now,d tin still be like film trick.

What kind of children are we breeding in our secondary schools?Are parents still monitoring their children in school?What is the future of these kids going to look like?

Enough of these moral questions!Let me give you the full gist.

It all started when an s.s 3 friend walked up to me and said 'excuse me sir, I heard something about you'.I didn't take her serious until she continued to repeat it.She said a group of boys in her class said I had 'sinned against them'.I decided to put my investigative skills to practice immediately.This is what I got:
1.I was talking to or getting too close to one of their girls.
2.They just didn't like me because of my charisma,dressing,(or probably because I look too young to be youth corper).

They were planning to set me up last week.I was patiently waiting for them although I fear small because if they plan to beat me up,they go don launch first attack before I go fit do anything.I made sure I let the so called guys realise I already knew about their plans which I guess put a little bit of fear into them.

I made up my mind that I was not going to report them to the school authority but allow them to carry the 'curse' of their actions for the rest of their lives.

Wetin man eye never see 4 this lagos all in the name of serving my fatherland!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Food for Thought

I stumbled on some poems written by a modern African(Nigerian) poet and I feel it will go a long way in redefining what "leadership" should be in Nigeria.Whether we want to accept it or not,we will definitely find ourselves in one leadership role or the other.

I point my index finger at you:
You who say, do not steal,
Do you not rob with your pen?
You who teach, do not lie,
Are you not a glib liar?
You who scold, don't be lazy,
Do you not shirk your responsibility?
You who teach honesty,
Are you not fraudulent?
You who charge others to be loyal,
Are you not a traitor?
You who warn about the dangers of smoking,
Are you not a drug peddler?
You who preach democracy,
Are you not a dictator?
You who exalt good leadership,
Are you not a terrorist?
Do as I say and not as I do
Is now an archaic adage.
Do not expect anyone to uphold
What you yourself are guilty of.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

There is an explosion ....

There is an explosion in the Nigerian music industry.In the last few years,hip-hop journeyed all the way from America(did it originate from there?) to find a home in Nigeria.Trust Nigerians,we have "remixed" it and turned it into different genres.We now have fuji hip-hop,hip-hop in itself,yoruba hip-hop(or how else do we classify 9ice & lord of ajasa) e.t.c.
It is beginning to dawn on me that there is going to be a lot of money to be made from music in Nigeria in the next few years.The very next time I see my mum,I'm going to ask her why she never enrolled me in a music class when I was a kid.If she had,maybe I would have been a member of the MO'HIT STARS now.With the new generation of Nigerian musicians,music in our dear country is putting smiles on people's faces even though they are not sure if they will be the next victim of an armed robbery attack or car hijack.
However, with all the hype music is generating now,is anybody doing anything about the moral content of the songs?The videos nko?I get scared at times when I watch the musical vidoes and see ladies delibrately allow themselves to be carried away by the director's orders I guess!A good example can be gotten from Freestyle's video featuring 2face.There was a girl sitting beside freestyle in the video,her b...s were almost popping out and she was purposely grinding it into Freestyle's back(i'm sure chris won't agree with me on this one).Did Freestyle enjoy that?I'm sure going to ask him if I ever get to meet him.
Getting bored?don't mind me but we shouldn't throw morality to the winds just because our music industry is exploding.
If you get to read this,endeavour to get your ears to listen to lord of ajasa's 'esa lobade'.To me the song is hot and to a large extent shows the never-die spirit of a typical Nigerian.

Monday, March 10, 2008


If you are wondering what this is all about,you need to read my last few write-ups to get a hang of this.
At the MUSON centre on the 6th of March 2008,my school gloriously came 3rd out of the twelve schools in Lagos that qualified for the finals.Thank God we won,you can imagine what we went through before we went for the competition.The best actress in the competition also came from my school.She did not only go home with personal gifts,she also got a customized dress from the HOUSE OF HENRI(I envy the girl no be small).
Before the students went on stage,I told them it will be the high point of my service year if they win.THEY MADE ME PROUD!
The talents I saw at that competition made me wish I had this kind of exposure when I was in secondary school.Kudos must be given to all the schools for the amount of resources they put into preparing for the competition.Kudos must also be given to the organisers-FREE GIFT INTERNATIONAL for creating a platform for these secondary school students to express themselves.
I must say this-I saw EGO BOYO live at the finals.She was one of the judges(the woman fine no be small).I would go crazy about Nigerian movies if she begins to act again.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It's been a while since I blogged.I must confess that this blogging thing could pass as a full time job even though money might never be made from it.The last few days,I have been procastinating about posting a message but I have deliberately been exploring the world of blogging...omo....we are really taking this blogging thing serious in Nigeria o.

So sorry for the digression jare,I was only looking for a perfect intro.Just like the heading goes,"plenty dey happen" and plenty don happen.The last few weeks, I have been bonding with my students(hope it doesn't get me into trouble soon).They have been talking to me about almost anything and I must confess some of them go through stuffs that you won't believe ranging from relationships to problems from home.The list is endless.

I have also been helping out with drama rehearsals in my school.There is a drama competition among secondary school students in Lagos.From the zonal competitions preceeding the final,I have been dazed by the enormous talents these secondary school kids have exhibited.My school qualified for the final and we are heading to MUSON center on the 6th of March for the grand finale of the competition.I just pray we win the competition for our lead actress who may not be featuring at the final because of a serious domestic accident she had while we were rehearsing.

Finally,I now have a fellow corp member at work.She was posted to the school a few weeks ago.At least,having a fellow corp member at at your place of primary assignment has its advantages and disadvantages.The disadvantages have however started showing face first.

It's 3.21am.I have to catch some sleep since my love has refused to stop talking to me via mtn's extracool.If I can borrow the words of tosyn-speechgirl-Bucknor(hope i got the spelling right) "Gongo Aso" on March 6 at the MUSON CENTER.This could be the high point of my service year if we win!

Friday, February 8, 2008


For the past five weeks I have continued the quest of performing the mandatory duty of serving my fatherland via the NYSC.If you have ever gone through the other write-ups on this blog,you will realise I have been teaching.
Right now, I am frustrated teaching a whole set of kids in S.S. 1 who I strongly believe haven't realised the true essence of secondary education.Just yesterday,I began to ask myself if I ever misbehaved or was ever rude to my teachers when I was in S.S.1 several years ago.I look back and I remember respecting my teachers,which earned me the post of the class-captain for almost three sessions.
I have however made up my mind to impact knowledge as much as I can so that when I finish my service year,I can beat my chest anywhere that I gave my best in serving my fatherland.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The god of soccer in Ghana?

It is obvious that all attention has shifted from all other leagues of football in the world to the African continent.For the first time in about four years,there has been a rain of goals in the ongoing MTN African Cup of Nations.The unique thing that has caught my attention about this competition is the hype the entire citizens of Ghana have given this competition.I don't think Nigeria generated this kind of hype when we co-hosted with Ghana in 2000.From all indications,the god of soccer has indeed come to settle on the African continent for the next three weeks.
Our dear Super Eagles have lost their first match in the competition.I now prefer to watch other countries play than watching a group of weak Eagles who do not realise that their victory in Ghana would at least keep Nigeria in a happy mood for the next few weeks.I wish someone would tell Vogts that he needs to field "hungry" players rather than field players who are not ready to play with all their heart.I'm still skeptical whether to watch their next match or not because I'm absolutely getting tired of watching them when one is not even sure they will score in a match talk less of win.GOD bless YEKINI wherever he is because we were sure the goals would always come via his boots in those days.
Anyway,let us still wish them luck and pray they don't disappoint us again.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Now that the chickens have all gone to the various graves of our stomach.I guess we all have to wait till the end of this year till we see more chicken burials.
It's another year and here is wishing us all a wonderful year full of divine blessings from above.I STRONGLY BELIEVE 2008 IS GOING TO BE BETTER FOR US ALL AS INDIVIDUALS AND NIGERIANS.