Sunday, May 31, 2009

An Open Letter to Naijalines


I just want you to know that I miss visiting your blog.I also want you to know that when you made that decision to quit blogging it was as if my heart was broken once again('blog-broken' this time).

I still read our joint post and all the mails we exchanged to perfect that particular joint post.

We were total strangers but you were the first blogger to make me realise the positive effect of blogging.

I still remember back in those days when I just couldn't resist visiting your blog in a day but it seems that's all history now.

If you ever get to read this, I would 'visit Aso Rock' to have you back on blogville!

Friday, May 1, 2009


I had dreams

felt the dreams would come through soon

I had hopes

hope, that things would work out soon

I had fears

fears, I thought would go away

... enough!

I'm not going to freak out until things get better because I know there's a plan and purpose for everything!


Few days back, I got a mail from a certain blogger who counted my blog worthy in terms of wanting me to help publicise this event.I think it's all about promoting the reading culture in Nigerians(my own definition).If you re in any of the towns/cities-Benin, Ibadan, Lagos and Warri feel free to enjoy the best of contemporary Nigerian authors.Participating writers include Odia Ofiemun and Toni Kan(used to read his stuff in Hints magazine back in the days), Jumoke Verissimo and others.It starts on the 2nd of May-6th June, 2009.

Feel free to call 07061141232, or e-mail for more details.