Sunday, October 18, 2009

The JOURNEY so far .........

On the 10th of September, 2009, I embarked on a journey that would definitely be shaping my life and what the 'musco' entity stands for.I touched down at about 6.45pm at the famous Heathrow airport on the afore-mentioned date.By all standards,it was an okay flight but I spent the larger part of the flight trying to psyche myself up for the challenges ahead.At the point of entry(POE),I already had enough gist of the place in my entire head.There were a lot of conflicting stories about the different strategies the UK Border Agency employs to prevent people from entering the UK.It was a smooth entry for me and I realised it's always better to do things one's way when there are various conflicting stories.I learnt a big lessson here.

My postgraduate studies started fully a week later and it actually dawned on me that Nigeria has the human resources that could compete with anybody in the world but we just don't have the right structures in place to also be among the best in the world.The first week I spent in class was full of calls from my parents and sister who wanted to find out if I understood what the 'oyinbo' people were saying in class(U can just imagine what they took me for?).The calls from them really helped in those days because I missed home terribly!The 'loml' didn't help matters because I was told she cried non-stop for about four days after I left.

I'm settling down fast now and don't look like a JJC anymore though I have not been exploring the city I'm staying to the fullest.Right now,things seem to be moving real fast as per school work and assignments.There are times I wonder how I'm going to be coping with all these but I strongly believe everything is going to be fine.

............ who says it's only rich people's kids that school abroad?