Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It's been a while since I blogged.I must confess that this blogging thing could pass as a full time job even though money might never be made from it.The last few days,I have been procastinating about posting a message but I have deliberately been exploring the world of blogging...omo....we are really taking this blogging thing serious in Nigeria o.

So sorry for the digression jare,I was only looking for a perfect intro.Just like the heading goes,"plenty dey happen" and plenty don happen.The last few weeks, I have been bonding with my students(hope it doesn't get me into trouble soon).They have been talking to me about almost anything and I must confess some of them go through stuffs that you won't believe ranging from relationships to problems from home.The list is endless.

I have also been helping out with drama rehearsals in my school.There is a drama competition among secondary school students in Lagos.From the zonal competitions preceeding the final,I have been dazed by the enormous talents these secondary school kids have exhibited.My school qualified for the final and we are heading to MUSON center on the 6th of March for the grand finale of the competition.I just pray we win the competition for our lead actress who may not be featuring at the final because of a serious domestic accident she had while we were rehearsing.

Finally,I now have a fellow corp member at work.She was posted to the school a few weeks ago.At least,having a fellow corp member at at your place of primary assignment has its advantages and disadvantages.The disadvantages have however started showing face first.

It's 3.21am.I have to catch some sleep since my love has refused to stop talking to me via mtn's extracool.If I can borrow the words of tosyn-speechgirl-Bucknor(hope i got the spelling right) "Gongo Aso" on March 6 at the MUSON CENTER.This could be the high point of my service year if we win!

Friday, February 8, 2008


For the past five weeks I have continued the quest of performing the mandatory duty of serving my fatherland via the NYSC.If you have ever gone through the other write-ups on this blog,you will realise I have been teaching.
Right now, I am frustrated teaching a whole set of kids in S.S. 1 who I strongly believe haven't realised the true essence of secondary education.Just yesterday,I began to ask myself if I ever misbehaved or was ever rude to my teachers when I was in S.S.1 several years ago.I look back and I remember respecting my teachers,which earned me the post of the class-captain for almost three sessions.
I have however made up my mind to impact knowledge as much as I can so that when I finish my service year,I can beat my chest anywhere that I gave my best in serving my fatherland.