Saturday, March 20, 2010

Something About You ....!

For the special one I wake up thinking about every morning!

Great song, simple video but really cool. I can't stop myself playing this song all over in my head.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Women in my Life

This post has probably been inspired by the fact that I got tired of seeing all those horror pictures people have been putting on FB and really wanted to get my mind off them.

..... the women in my life!

I don't see myself as a 'womaniser' but people have told me more than once that I have the eyes of one. I believe people are just funny with this assumption because the people that have said this have never seen me talking to a woman or 'toasting'(did I ever toast the ones I went out with?) one. Before you start thinking or having the wrong ideas, I have only one woman in my life right and she's definitely going to be the last and only woman in my life.

The first woman was in secondary school. I was definitely too young for a relationship so it was really easy to let go.

The second was in-between after secondary and university. We somehow never went out but we remained good friends.Several years later, she claims she was really dying for me but I never had the 'liver' to ask her out.

Third was in the university. I remember vividly seeing her for the first time in LIN 121 class. I practically chased her for a year before things went down between us. Somehow along the heart, she broke my heart. 2010- She says I never totally forgave her and wonder what it will be like right now if we were still together. My cousin and roommate for three years believes till today I never got over her.

Fourth, still in the university. We both knew from the beginning it was a risky venture but we still went ahead. A lot of people felt we were from two different worlds. Two years later, one of us had to be strong, I broke her heart for the benefit of both of us.

2007, I made my final choice!

.... the problem is, I still relate with these other women very well but sometimes I really wish I don't ... to avoid trouble for all of us.

Is it really safe putting up this post?