Saturday, August 28, 2010


Over the years, the dreams have grown wings
They have flown over the seas
They were hatched across the south-western parts of naija
All the dreams want is a final berthing place
When will that be?

The wings of the dreams seem to be losing momentum now
The dreams still want to fly
The hatcher of the dreams can't wait for the next flight
It is believed they will fly again soon

The odds are so many
But the dreams will gain its wings
Not through those commercial mechanical birds
But through the resilience and determination of the hatcher!

Dreams come true .........!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tyler Perry- Thanks!

I just finished watching 'Why Did I get Married Too' and I must confess that though tears didn't come to my eyes as most of such films make me go emotional (the crazy part of me!), it did strike a chord in me. The movie made me feel like I was watching a true-life situation probably due to the fact that the movie centered on relationships and it was played out with good acting and emotions.

I have been going through some stuff in my relationship and as at yesterday and this morning, I absolutely felt like giving up on my relationship but thanks to Tyler Perry, I'm going back to fix my relationship. If only we could all fix the problems we have in our relationships, the world obviously would be a better place. The choices we make relationship-wise either has a positive or negative impact on it. It's obvious we all can't carry our burdens alone because life is absolutely short!

If you get to read this, it may not entirely make sense to you but it has helped in gathering my thoughts together to get my relationship fixed!

''I love you baby and no matter the odds, I'm still taking the bold step with you!''

Damn! I don't even have an elaborate title for this post ...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I absolutely think this guy has gone nuts! I used to really like D'banj with his first album sometime in 2003/04. He was fresh and brought something different to the entertainment scene in Nigeria. Right now, I strongly feel the fame and money he never knew would come so soon has 'entered his head' and it seems the creativity he was 'endowed' with when he came on the scene is gradually running out....

What is our business if you are 'endowed below'?

Someone should please call this guy to order!

Monday, August 16, 2010


What does one do when a family friend who you attend a particular Christian meeting with every Wednesday back home has been reading your blog?

This gist is she has been stalking my blog since God knows when and has all the 'sexcapades' and 'monologues' I have written at her fingertips. Just wondering what it would look like sitting in their sitting room on a Wednesday evening for house fellowship and my stalker winking at me with the 'I know what you have on your blog' smile wildly on her face. Trust me, she's mischievous!

I handed in my dissertation today and hoping for the best as per the marking. It's not over until it is over!

I'm back to blogging more often again. Anybody up for some more from the 'Monologue' archives?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Rant ....

Right now, it's about 2.05am and I'm trying to fight nature because of the pile of books in front of me. I have got my dissertation to hand in a matter of days and I can't believe I still have loads to write and put together. Stop! I know what you are thinking .... 'Musco has been damn lazy'! I haven't been lazy , it's just that combining work and schooling in this country is crazy. On days like this, I really wish my dad was a politician and he had all the money in the world to send to me regularly so that I won't have to do all these crazy, yeye, insulting jobs but it's all good sha. Right now, from what I have been through so far, I can look up to the heavens and thank God for his faithfulness to me despite all odds. There are times, I don't deserve half of what I get because of my sins but God has just been faithful to me. I have also learnt what it really means to be a man especially when you have to fend for yourself.

I decided to put up this post because I'm feeling damn sleepy but I have to keep awake to get my dissertation done. I actually have three deadlines. The first is in a few days, the second is in January while the third is in May 2011. So you see, Musco hasn't totally been lazy besides what the heck will I be doing till May 2011 when I should be expecting my first child by then (LOL!).

Over the past few months, I have made some very wonderful friends on blogville. These friends would always be special to me no matter what. I have made up my mind to have their names on my acknowledgment page. One of them is my blog crush...... Thanks a million for being there every single day since we hooked up...I love you( not scared of saying it The next one is also someone very special who is always ready to talk to me even when she's at work. I can remember a particular day I felt so down and wanted to give up but she was there talking me through it. Thanks 'babes'. The last one is someone very naughty but has been a good friend too. He's always ready to give me survival tips and always ready to send me an instant message if he feels anything is wrong with me. I really wonder what it will be like to have you all in one place. Kai,that won't be a good idea because I'm not letting you guys know who my blog crush is

Wow!I never intended writing anything close to this and I'm sorry if this post looks dis-jointed. I have this very bad habit of not editing whatever I write. It's 2.34am and I'm back to the analysis of data and drawing of bar charts and pie charts to represent it.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

How I Feel ....

This song pretty sums up right now how I feel relationship wise .....

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sex on Blogville

There is something definitely wrong on blogville. Lately, I have noticed that most blogs have shifted their writings to a more sensual approach(If I can call it that?). Is it my imagination or I just have this feeling that everybody is getting sexually frustrated?

A friend and blogger thinks I'm presently sexually frustrated.

Guess this sex thing all over is just a time-bomb waiting to explode!