Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I absolutely think this guy has gone nuts! I used to really like D'banj with his first album sometime in 2003/04. He was fresh and brought something different to the entertainment scene in Nigeria. Right now, I strongly feel the fame and money he never knew would come so soon has 'entered his head' and it seems the creativity he was 'endowed' with when he came on the scene is gradually running out....

What is our business if you are 'endowed below'?

Someone should please call this guy to order!


YankeeNaija said...

lmao @ Musco. lol you know he's not being serious now. lol. but that chick in the video, she's a thick chick boy. wow.

YankeeNaija said...

hilarious video. *putting in my request to God for a carbon copy of D'banj* in Jesus name, amen.

musco said...

@YankeeNaija- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! With his thin body, he can't be that endowed below! I would advise you start changing your prayers now.

My celibacy stint has been activated, I didn't see any 'thick chick' in the video!

You are something else!

YankeeNaija said...

the perfect build. you may not know this Musco, but the thin ones have 3 legs. nuff said. *prayers in overdrive*

Naijalines said...

aburo, Im with you on this one. If it is shouted out, it's like the man doth protest too much, jare.

@ YN
Lol. I thought they all had three legs. Re: the thin ones, na u sabi o. Please endow us with the knowledge. Hehehe.

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SMH! Even blogger has naughtiness on the brain!

leggy said...

actually if you listened to the lyrics, he rarely talks about that.he says im endowed in money blah blah blah.and if you liked him when he was talking about all that koko ish, i wonder why you dont like him now.

musco said...

@Naijalines- Egbon, Thanks jare!

It's a little bit hot where YN is today, that accounts for .... lol!

@Leggy- Thanks for trying to school me a bit about the wordings of the song. I still insist the song makes no meaning to me! My post also didn't say a single song, it said the album. Back then, d album had songs like 'Mobo lowo won' and 'Jen ri owo e loke' which I really liked. If u had actually read my blog 2, you should have noticed I said album not a particular song and it's not possible for me to like all the songs on a single album.

Special thanks for stopping by!

Mystique and Micheal said...

I used to like him too back then but now, I'm not so sure.

cool blog.

Fabulo-la said...

Lol. You sound really mad.

YankeeNaija said...

@ NJ: trust me when I say that the thin ones have a true 3rd leg. all the fat has to go somewhere. and lol at your secret word.

@ Musco: hot ke. I'm merely stating a fact. lol.

Parakeet said...

Musco...he wasn't referring to his nether region o although one could argue that the message is subliminal. I'm not feeling the song but the video is on point. I cant help but think he's having a pop at Wande Coal or maybe he's just trying to redeem the whole Mohits clan lest pple starting to think they all have kini totolo. Hehehehehe!

ZeL said...

You didnt see the thick chick? LMAO

His thin body is not a criteria whether he'd be "that"endowed below or not now? Do u apply that theory TO urself musco?

Its just a fun song, dont take it too seriously dear

LG said...

I'M DBANJ!!!!!!!!

The Memoirs said...

MUSCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!Na only u go dey analyse another man's endowment!!!Y u dey vex like this na??!!!lol!!!!

Oya,lets put all fears aside, drop picture of ur own endowment here and let the ladies do the judgement!!!