Saturday, March 21, 2009


Something strange seems to be happenning in blogville!

I just couldn't help but notice that certain bloggers have used different words to let us know they are going to quit blogging.The most painful part of this strange thing is that people I look up to in bloggville are the ones quitting.The most annoying(so sorry I have to use this word) part of it again is that these bloggers would somehow quit and after a few weeks or months,they will be back.I understand how it feels when we all get tired to crack our brains to put up a very good post but as a blogger, there's always something to write.

I almost got caught up with the quitting bug too but I have come to realise that there's this inner feeling that makes blogging a crucial part of developing my writing skills(that's if I have any).

If you are thinking of quitting,think about bloggers that take out time to visit your blog and make comments!

There's so much joy in blogging!