Tuesday, July 29, 2008

... is it time to bow out?

I think it's time to bow out of blogville!

I just don't understand the fact that I have been trying to put something up for the past three weeks and nothing seems to be forthcoming.Some call it writer's block but I think mine is more than a writer's block or how else does one explain the fact that I have been trying to put up a post for almost a month!

Don't blame or judge me because I know you have started already.This blogging is not an easy task but I must appreciate all those bloggers that consistently keep the flag flying.I think I actually know the reasons why I have not been able to make a post for almost a whole month.

There are just so many things to blog about.Let me list some:
a.I want to blog about my last few days in my place of primary assignment(NYSC)
b.I want to talk about D'banj's new album
c.I want to talk about my new found challenge .......... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
d.I want to talk about the first time .................
e.I want to talk about the interest of bloggers in anything that has to do with sex
f.I want to -sorry-my hands are itching to talk about a particular blogger(who says he is going to 'blog-fry' me if i do)because I think I know him a little too well.

There is absolutely so much to talk about but ...