Tuesday, July 29, 2008

... is it time to bow out?

I think it's time to bow out of blogville!

I just don't understand the fact that I have been trying to put something up for the past three weeks and nothing seems to be forthcoming.Some call it writer's block but I think mine is more than a writer's block or how else does one explain the fact that I have been trying to put up a post for almost a month!

Don't blame or judge me because I know you have started already.This blogging is not an easy task but I must appreciate all those bloggers that consistently keep the flag flying.I think I actually know the reasons why I have not been able to make a post for almost a whole month.

There are just so many things to blog about.Let me list some:
a.I want to blog about my last few days in my place of primary assignment(NYSC)
b.I want to talk about D'banj's new album
c.I want to talk about my new found challenge .......... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
d.I want to talk about the first time .................
e.I want to talk about the interest of bloggers in anything that has to do with sex
f.I want to -sorry-my hands are itching to talk about a particular blogger(who says he is going to 'blog-fry' me if i do)because I think I know him a little too well.

There is absolutely so much to talk about but ...


naijalines said...

How u dey bro? Just write. Try not to think about it or pre-plan it. Some call it 'brainstorming'. You pour out what's in your brain and then edit. That's what I do. I hope this helps.

Don't bow out o. You've just outlined seven posts. We also have our joint post to do. There's so much yet to come from you. Just let it flow.

Tairebabs said...

You know what I think? I think you should just flow, let it out, don't over analyse what you are about to write just blog! I don't worry about my post afterall this is not an exam. So please don't bow out, you can take a break or spend time reading peoples post. I have done that for a week plus and am loving it. Will post when I feel like it.

Oya am looking forward to the sleeping with a married woman post sha and yes I am one of those bloggers that love to read anything that has sex in it.

LG said...

yep, 9jalines has said it all..
JUST WRITE then edit(i do dat all d time) u cant bow out o!!

BTW i want to hear abt dat 'blogger' n ur 'padi' dat sleeps with a married woman, oya let it out.. *winks*


Naija Idol said...

its not time to bow out ooo. ill like to know more bout that post on bloggers who like to read anything with sex in them. oya update.

rayo said...

y did u stop at d elipses, when u want to write just do it, who says it has to b nice or readable, jst write. i took an break 4 a year nd i'm stil payn 4 it

AlooFar said...

Blogging requires discipline.

bumight said...

it is definitely time to bow out...NOT!

those are some hot topics to blog about. like everyone has said: let it flow.

blogging also requires discipline and passion, or else u might see urself tending to quit real soon.

Buttercup said...

don't go anywhere o!!!!!

u see, u've got 7 posts in the makin already!

wellsbaba said...

ehn ehn,I dey talk am sey wetin do dis guy?sorry bout d mental block or whateva anywais I think u shud leave d'banj's album out cos loads of guys r gonna do that...blog bout ur friend goin out wit a married woman n ur new found challenge

Chari said...

no tis not time to bow out joo..this shit happens to the best of us so GET OVER IT!!!

free ur mind joo guy...there's no pressure for u to blog coherently or even blog often at all..

aloted said...

i only just discovered your blog so no bowing out for u just yet :)

U have interesting topics lined up...am sure it will be our pleasure to read from u and comment!

Just let it flowwwwwwwwwwwww ;)