Thursday, May 22, 2008

This tag thing sef ...

I don't know why I have been running away from this but I guess I have to do this afterall.

I was tagged by a tite blogger called abby.

1.Link the person who tagged you
2.Mention the rules in ur blog
3.Tell about six(6) unspectacular quirks of urs
4.Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
5.Leaving a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blog letting them know they have been tagged.

My quirks;

1.I can't use the toilet without ensuring I wipe off every trace of misdirected urine or water on the surface before I use it(even in my own home).I won't just be comfortable if my 'yansh' hits the surface and there is water on it.

2.You won't catch me sleeping with my clothes on at night no matter how cold (don't get any ideas).The only time you will catch me with a pyjamas is if I'm sleeping outside the confines and comfort zone of my room.

3.I daydream a lot about my wedding day,my first car,my house,my business empire,my boo,my wedding suit and my honeymoon(u can imagine, when i'm not a girl).If you get too close to me,I may bore you with my dreams.My 4 can testify to this.

4.I make friends at first with any girl I want to ask out.Most times the friendship ends up too deep and I don't gather up the courage to ask them out.

5.I always have the terrible feeling that all the girls I have gone out with don't want to leave me alone.

6.There are times in my life I just want to be alone.My cousin believes I'm not normal,he says I can stay alone without talking to anybody for 25 years!

7.would have written more but you guys said six ...

Everybody seems to have been tagged.I can't find anybody else to tag!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A year ago ...

Let's call her D.

Exactly a year ago,we called it quits.We both knew on that day it was never going to work out because of our blood group status.You were 'AS' and I was also 'AS'.I can remember vividly the tears in your eyes that night.You cried out your eyes like never before.It was so difficult for me to console you that night.D went back to her room that night only for her to knock on my door at about 5'o clock the next day.I felt it in my bones that morning that you were on your way to my room(we were that close).When you knocked,it wasn't much of a surprise.The tears continued to flow that morning because we were both leaving school that day.

We thought it was over but we couldn't just leave each other because what we shared was REAL.I had to tell a lie to travel for about 2hours just to see you.The few hours we spent together went a long way to show how much we had missed each other but we kept telling ourselves we had broken up.I still remember our last words to each other when you saw me off to the park.

A week later,D was back in town.It was just so difficult to stay away from each other or was I finding it difficult to stay away from D.We were together for a few days when I allowed one of my moods to finally put a stop to our relationship.We had a fight that virtually spoilt everything we had shared 4 a long time.I got pissed because you were finding it so difficult to forgive me after I had apologised.I allowed the bitterness of that misunderstanding to control my decisions of finally calling it quits with you.

D thought I was the most wicked guy that ever lived.

I hope I will be able to sit D down someday in the nearest future and let her realise that if I didn't move on with my life, we would still be toiling with our future,our lives and our emotions.

It's exactly a year that we broke up but D still lingers in my heart.If D ever gets to read this,I want her to know I will always appreciate her for giving me a chance to come into her life!