Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Life in the .......

The last two months have been so hectic coping with school work and the British weather which they say will still get worse.I'm beginning to realise that the 'oyinbo' people prevent the cold by smoking and '.........' although a lot of people won't and don't agree with me on this assumption.

What have I been up to?

I have met different people and characters!Sadly, one of these characters is a fellow Nigerian who is a 'waffi'(warri man) to the core.The sad part of getting to know this 'waffi' man is that it seems he's back or planning to go back to Nigeria because he can't afford the exorbitant school fees.He really made me laugh so much during the first few weeks of lectures because he was always complaining he couldn't understand what the 'oyinbos' were saying during lectures.One great lesson I learnt from my 'waffi' friend is that one has to get the facts about what travelling abroad entails before one jumps into it.

I have also been a radio DJ/presenter on my school's radio station.I present a show called the 'African show' where I try as much as possible to showcase the 'hip' side of the African continent.It's been great fun and stressful that I had to initiate a co-presenter.The interesting part of it is that my show has been put in the schedule of the school's 'One World Week' activity and a lot of people have been seeing my name and calling to ....... (we all know Naija people now).Seems I'm getting popular o but I'm trying as much as possible to hide the face from the name.If my MAMA know say I dey do DJ for here,na stick she go take chase me go Naija back(just joking).

Still got loads of assignments to submit in January and I don't even know where to start from but God dey sha!I miss home no be small and it's so crazy here without the one you love especially when I'm inside the bus and unlucky to sit behind two lovers who kiss throughout till I get off the bus.'loml',if you ever get to read this,I will kiss you on the bus,at the bus stop and in public places where we dared not kiss in Naija,as soon as you set foot on British soil!