Saturday, September 11, 2010

Getting there ....

Exactly a year yesterday, I stepped into the shores of the 'tasteless food' country. It's been a year of full of hopes, dreams and hard work. I must not forget to add .... God's favour!

The gist is ... since I met baby (I call her that), I have never done anything to really make her proud of the entity called 'musco'. So before I left, I remember vividly telling her that with this, I was going to make her proud. After I embarked on it, I had to knock myself on the head sometimes, wondering why I told her anything like that. Probably because the task ahead was damn enormous. I obviously didn't have a choice especially when I had to think about all the 'co-operative' money involved or at stake (naija pple will understand that better A lot of things were at stake.

To a large extent, I fulfilled that dream and promise far beyond my own expectations! Should I say I have an addition to my academic qualifications? The beginning of another phase .... !

I have also been in 'looking for trouble mood' on blogsville lately. I have been terrorising Naijalines lately over Tom-Tom and I will be writing an open letter to Tom-Tom on my blog soon. I have also got gist about the new set of 'oyinbo' people I'm working with presently. I'm sure Naijalines (my dearest egbon) is seriously contemplating that knee replacement for me over .... LOL!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Deep ......!

I just have to share this....! I think the song is really deep if you really listen to the words and the 'yarns'. I have kinda listened to it for the third time already. I seem to be hooked to the song probably because it says a lot about the singer's life struggles.

With the way I'm going, I may end up setting up my own record label soon .... I think I have an ear for good naija music.