Saturday, September 4, 2010

Deep ......!

I just have to share this....! I think the song is really deep if you really listen to the words and the 'yarns'. I have kinda listened to it for the third time already. I seem to be hooked to the song probably because it says a lot about the singer's life struggles.

With the way I'm going, I may end up setting up my own record label soon .... I think I have an ear for good naija music.


leggy said...

i loved it too.
ha ha ha...he makes me laugh and think.
i really liked him.

Naijalines said...

The guy is saying it like it is. No frills, no posing. Cool vibe.

About Tom-tom, *Cough*

No let me get Police down to Bristol, oh.


YankeeNaija said...


Great video Musco, great song. Makes one take stock of life, so to speak.

Gosh I miss you guys. Tomorrow's a holiday so I'm playing catch up w/ all the blogs and seeing my peeps. lol.

About Tom-tom, you're on your own w/ that one. If NJ catch you, i no know u ooo.