Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 Countdown!

In a matter of hours, 2009 will be over.

As an individual, some of my dreams became reality and I realized that dreams indeed come true. At the beginning of the year, things were a little bit bleak but somehow from the middle of the year, it started brightening up. All in all,it has been a year of sacrifice for my family, my 'baby' and myself.

2010 comes knocking on our doors without knowing what to offer us but I hope it is full of surprises for me, my family, my 'baby'(we could be taking that bold step in 2010 ...?) and all bloggers that have visited my blog at one time or the other.

I hope to do more blogging in 2010, joint posts with other bloggers if possible(this could be an open invitation) probably because I still relish the one I did with Naijalines sometime in 2008.I also hope to do more post on my sojourn in the land where almost all their food is tasteless!

No comments on the Nigerian suicide-bomber but I wish he could have given me the opportunity he had in terms of education since he knew all along he was going to waste it!

Here's wishing us all a 2010 full of laughter,joy,peace,blessings and everything good from above!

This post is dedicated to GOD- who made 2009 a year that I would always remember!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

.... Bad PARTY!

Last night, I thought I was going to have fun at a so called party but I ended up regretting my decision to go in the first place.The club was nice but the music blaring from the speakers was just weird!I had to leave early after being continuosly hugged about five times by a guy my instincts were telling was 'g.....'.

As a JJC, my first problem was the venue.I actually didn't know the venue was somewhere I knew very well but I ended up taking a cab which was driven by an Indian man who cursed throughout the journey.I had a feeling the 'yeye' Indian man swindled me with the fare he collected but thanks to him, (we) would have been totally lost.

(We)- happens to be myself and my annoying friend.She was very annoying all through the night.As a typical naija girl, she was overdressed for the night and I also felt the dress she was putting on was not her size because she kept pulling the dress down.I had to ask her if the dress was actually her size.I was also pissed with the fact that she felt all the bills were supposed to be footed by me.I don't run away from the typical African mentality but she knows we are both students and it isn't as if I store up money in my house.I have just come to the conclusion that all WOMEN are SELFISH!

NB:I hope this post gives me the needed inspiration to start work again on my school assignments!

Friday, December 4, 2009

This 'oyinbo' people sef!

Each day I spend here,I thank God for making me an African and a Nigerian for that matter.Why?You may ask.There are several reasons in the last few months that have made me come to this conclusion.We may not have the right leaders and several other factors but I have also come to realise that the 'oyinbo' people have uncountable issues that they hide or we fail to see probably because of their good leadership or accountable leadership.On my way to London last weekend,we somehow got talking about Nigeria vis-a-vis the National Assembly(NA) and one of us came to the conclusion that if the British MPs are taken to the NA for four years,they will probably steal more money than their Nigerian counterparts because the money to launder is readily available.Food for thought?

Tiger Woods seem to be in deep 'sh**t' right now.My own concern is 'wetin concern public' in the fact that he has not been faithful to his wife.I strongly believe he should be left alone to sort out his own issues but guess that's the price 'oyinbo' people pay for being stars.I just wonder what it would have looked like if Tiger Woods were to be a Nigerian celebrity and this happened?I trust Nigerians,we would definitely be minding our business and not hoping that he would come out in public to address a press conference because he cheated on his wife.

In Nigeria,you meet elderly people on your way and you greet them but here you greet 'oyinbo' and they don't have the decency to respond or acknowledge your gesture of respect.I'm learning my lessons fast o!I don't greet again!This country is just weird!

I'm proud to be a Nigerian no matter how long I stay in this country!