Thursday, December 10, 2009

.... Bad PARTY!

Last night, I thought I was going to have fun at a so called party but I ended up regretting my decision to go in the first place.The club was nice but the music blaring from the speakers was just weird!I had to leave early after being continuosly hugged about five times by a guy my instincts were telling was 'g.....'.

As a JJC, my first problem was the venue.I actually didn't know the venue was somewhere I knew very well but I ended up taking a cab which was driven by an Indian man who cursed throughout the journey.I had a feeling the 'yeye' Indian man swindled me with the fare he collected but thanks to him, (we) would have been totally lost.

(We)- happens to be myself and my annoying friend.She was very annoying all through the night.As a typical naija girl, she was overdressed for the night and I also felt the dress she was putting on was not her size because she kept pulling the dress down.I had to ask her if the dress was actually her size.I was also pissed with the fact that she felt all the bills were supposed to be footed by me.I don't run away from the typical African mentality but she knows we are both students and it isn't as if I store up money in my house.I have just come to the conclusion that all WOMEN are SELFISH!

NB:I hope this post gives me the needed inspiration to start work again on my school assignments!


Fabulo-la said...

Not all of us are selfish jo!

My World said...

lol @ "as a typical naija girl,she weas over-dressd"
Hope you do get back to your sch work.....

24yearOldTeEnAgeR said...

...this got me laughing i must say....

Naijalines said...

Got me laughing too. But you know all girls are not the same.

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