Thursday, August 14, 2008

Service Year Thoughts

In a few weeks,I would be saying farewell to serving my fatherland in Nigeria's most difficult city called lagos.As at the time we were in the Orientation camp,I was already regretting getting posted to lagos.

I thought Lagos was going to be a bed of roses in terms of job opportunities and a lot more but I have come to realise that isn't what Lagos is all about.After spending almost a year in Lagos,I obviously don't want to leave again.There is so much money to be made in Lagos!(wonder when I will begin to 'chop' out of the money Lagos has to offer)

Okay!How did my service year go or how has it been so far?

My teaching experience is an experience that will forever be etched in the archives of my soul.I had problems at first that I would be teaching during my service year.I don't even have a teaching qualification.I tried all that was humanly possible to get a letter of rejection from the school I was posted to all to no avail.I lost two great job opportunities due to this but I guess the typical 'naija' spirit in me made me make up my mind to forge ahead.At first,it was difficult to blend at my place of primary assignment because I thought I just didn't fit into that setting because I had a great job before service year which involved wearing suits to work(you can imagine the change in 'levels').

Don't let me bore you.

I had fun though especially when I participated in preparing the students for a drama competition in Muson Center where we came 3rd.I also wanted to become a secondary school student again because my students were just too full of tricks that I wished I had performed on some of my teachers when I was in secondary school.

I could go on and on but I guess I should leave the rest so that D'banj or 9ice can get lyrics for their next song/album from me!