Friday, January 9, 2009

Can This Be Real?

At first, it seemed like a joke when a friend of mine (female) came to meet me and told me she wanted HER to marry her brother who is in the United States. The guy in question was actually looking for a wife and had told his family members to scout for one for him. I thought it was a joke until I started seeing the moves the female friend of mine was making to woo HER for her brother. The various activities and stress of our service year obviously didn’t give my female friend enough time and oppourtunity to continue her quest.

HER-She is beautiful, smart, endowed, natural and a kind of girl you would want to spend time with (I maximized that privilege whenever we visited ‘our’ amala joint to eat every Wednesday). I remember how we became friends. The first few times we talked, HER was very rude. Later we became good friends (probably because she couldn’t resist the musco charm-I’m sure HER will crucify me for this!).

HER seems to be in some kind of confusion right now.

She met this guy on Facebook. She thought it was a joke but it seems (seems?) to be very real now. I never really believed in cyber love but from what HER has told me so far, this guy wants to marry her. He works in one of the multinational companies in Nigeria and he is going to be out of the country for the next six years. As at yesterday, he gave HER an ultimatum till the first week of February to make up her so that he can tell his parents to start making the necessary arrangements. HER seems to be very lucky but she already has a steady relationship.

HER seems to be very confused. She needs all the blogville advice she can get!