Wednesday, December 19, 2007


14th December,2007 will forever be etched in the archives of my soul because it was indeed a friday that I saw dead bodies the way I had never seen before.I was on my way home from Lagos.The entire duration of the journey was supposed to be two hours but I ended up spending a little above four hours in the car(thank God I didn't take a bus).After leaving the scary Lagos-Ibadan expressway,I heaved a sigh of relief without knowing that what lay ahead was enough to make me sober for the rest of the entire yuletide period. We were about an hour from our destination along the Ibadan-Ife expressway,when we stumbled on a hold-up which was very unusual along the expressway.We had to come down to stretch our legs because it was just so obvious to all of us that we were going to be spending about an hour in that vicinity. Just a walking distance from us was the scene of the most terrible accident I was going to be witnessing for the very first time of my life.If I had known from the beginning that the accident had casualties,I wouldn't have ventured to go with one of the passengers in the car to see the accident scene. It was terrible! According to eyewitnesses,a trailer full of drinks coming from Ibadan had decided to take the wrong lane without the real users of the lane coming from Ife realising that the tanker had taken over the lane.Before they realised this,(Gboah!),the first car that collided with the trailer went up in flames...............................(guess the rest is now history) .It was just too sad. The most touching for me about this black friday was when I realised I was standing beside a young guy like myself whose mum was among the casualties of the accident.His words "what a bad way to end the year,upon all the "trips" 2007 offered....". I wonder when our goverment or road safety officers will leave the cities and go to our highways to monitor the speed of our vechicles just for the sole purpose of reducing accidents and to save lives. Till then,"I GO STILL SIDDON LOOK"

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Community Development Service & Xmas is here!

Every wednesday,these last two weeks has been dedicated to what the NYSC calls the Community Development Service.For me the first meeting in my CD group was fun because the female Batch "A" & "B" corps members decided to turn the meeting into an argument galore over the various goals and objectives of the group.The meeting opened my eyes to what men with two wives go through.
Anyway, xmas is fast approaching and I can't wait to get out of this ''crazy'' town called lagos.I'm not sure if i'm going to be sharing my thoughts over xmas but I'm sure next year is definitely going to be more fulfilling than 2007.
To all who have been following this page I say a smashing merry xmas & a happy new year in advance!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

God works in mysterious ways!

I've lately come to realise that God works in mysterious ways.After the major disappointment I got after orientation camp from my former employers,I was desperate to get another place to serve.I can not adequately recall how much I had to spend on transportation in Lagos just to get a place to do my youth service.I sat long hours for jobs that were never going to come.At a stage I was almost turning the NYSC state secretariat to my second home.
So far,I havn't regretted listening to GOD.I'm so happy now because even after settling down,I have had two good and solid offers of work.I didn't take the offers basically because I have a personal project that I'm trying to bring to realisation before this service year runs out.
I must however say a big THANK-YOU to my Aunt who has consistently ensured that I have money to do my running around in this "crazy" place called Lagos.