Tuesday, December 4, 2007

God works in mysterious ways!

I've lately come to realise that God works in mysterious ways.After the major disappointment I got after orientation camp from my former employers,I was desperate to get another place to serve.I can not adequately recall how much I had to spend on transportation in Lagos just to get a place to do my youth service.I sat long hours for jobs that were never going to come.At a stage I was almost turning the NYSC state secretariat to my second home.
So far,I havn't regretted listening to GOD.I'm so happy now because even after settling down,I have had two good and solid offers of work.I didn't take the offers basically because I have a personal project that I'm trying to bring to realisation before this service year runs out.
I must however say a big THANK-YOU to my Aunt who has consistently ensured that I have money to do my running around in this "crazy" place called Lagos.

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It's a beautiful blog you have.