Friday, November 14, 2008


When one becomes frustrated or is becoming frustrated just like I am, different thoughts begin to fight for attention in one’s soul and mind. I don’t even know why I was born in Nigeria because I’m beginning to think that nothing works in this country unless you know the right people or have the right connections. Before you begin to wonder why this guy suddenly disappeared from blogville and suddenly appears again with this kind of post/blabbing, I’m simply frustrated because I don’t have a job yet. A blogger advised I would feel much better if I let out my anger on blogville rather than keep it all to myself.

It’s been two months since the end of serving my fatherland via that structure called NYSC.To a lot of people; they think I’m just giving myself unnecessary stress because I haven’t really stayed at home for a very long time. Why shouldn’t I be bothered when I don’t know if I’m still going to be staying at home for a longer time? At my age, I carry my old man’s stuff to the car every morning just to ensure something drops in my pocket before he leaves for work in the mornings when I’m supposed to be the one dropping something for my parents. I have to cook, baby-sit (my sister’s kid) and run weird errands. The most annoying thing about getting a job in this country is writing GMAT tests which I have come to hate so much, probably due to the fact that I never liked Maths but seriously I don’t think those tests are a true test of one’s ability. A friend was telling me a few days back that she knows some guy who knows all the answers to a particular bank’s test because he has written it so many times but still hasn’t gotten a job.

I was surprised a few days back when I received a text from an … agency where I had gone to write one of such tests telling me "you did your best but unfortunately you did not pass the best …".How on earth was I going to pass the test in the first place when we had just 15 mins to answer 20 questions with Maths questions you needed to work out before you picked your answers? The funny thing about the experience was that a few hours after I got the text, another text came in from them telling me to disregard the first text I got from them because they were having some problems with their SMS provider. At this time, I was expecting a miracle until …I got another text telling me I finally didn’t pass the test! A certain popular blogger has been ‘yabbing’ and calling me an ‘olodo’ because I couldn’t pass the test .For the fun of it; I think this blogger should take the test and see if he deserves to call me an ‘olodo’.

Am I feeling better now that I have let it all out?