Thursday, January 24, 2008

The god of soccer in Ghana?

It is obvious that all attention has shifted from all other leagues of football in the world to the African continent.For the first time in about four years,there has been a rain of goals in the ongoing MTN African Cup of Nations.The unique thing that has caught my attention about this competition is the hype the entire citizens of Ghana have given this competition.I don't think Nigeria generated this kind of hype when we co-hosted with Ghana in 2000.From all indications,the god of soccer has indeed come to settle on the African continent for the next three weeks.
Our dear Super Eagles have lost their first match in the competition.I now prefer to watch other countries play than watching a group of weak Eagles who do not realise that their victory in Ghana would at least keep Nigeria in a happy mood for the next few weeks.I wish someone would tell Vogts that he needs to field "hungry" players rather than field players who are not ready to play with all their heart.I'm still skeptical whether to watch their next match or not because I'm absolutely getting tired of watching them when one is not even sure they will score in a match talk less of win.GOD bless YEKINI wherever he is because we were sure the goals would always come via his boots in those days.
Anyway,let us still wish them luck and pray they don't disappoint us again.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Now that the chickens have all gone to the various graves of our stomach.I guess we all have to wait till the end of this year till we see more chicken burials.
It's another year and here is wishing us all a wonderful year full of divine blessings from above.I STRONGLY BELIEVE 2008 IS GOING TO BE BETTER FOR US ALL AS INDIVIDUALS AND NIGERIANS.