Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Open Letter to Naijalines

Dear Naijalines,

It's been quite a while Egbon. I haven't heard from you in a while and I trust all is well.....

I must admit that I don't usually blog like I used to do, not because of lack of things to write about but the zeal and muse to write just seems to have disappeared. However, I come here quite often to do the usual blog rounds and I must confess, to see what my naughty friends like T.Notes has been up to in recent times and catch up on the identities of the latest girls admiring his writing. (LOL!).

Egbon, I also snoop around your blog even though I don't often drop comments like before. Some few days back, I was dropping by as usual and noticed that your blog has been turned into a 'CIA' blog whereby one has to be invited before one can read the contents.

What exactly do I have to do to become an elite member or reader of your new blog????

Your 'Aburo'( Am I still in that position?)