Thursday, August 14, 2008

Service Year Thoughts

In a few weeks,I would be saying farewell to serving my fatherland in Nigeria's most difficult city called lagos.As at the time we were in the Orientation camp,I was already regretting getting posted to lagos.

I thought Lagos was going to be a bed of roses in terms of job opportunities and a lot more but I have come to realise that isn't what Lagos is all about.After spending almost a year in Lagos,I obviously don't want to leave again.There is so much money to be made in Lagos!(wonder when I will begin to 'chop' out of the money Lagos has to offer)

Okay!How did my service year go or how has it been so far?

My teaching experience is an experience that will forever be etched in the archives of my soul.I had problems at first that I would be teaching during my service year.I don't even have a teaching qualification.I tried all that was humanly possible to get a letter of rejection from the school I was posted to all to no avail.I lost two great job opportunities due to this but I guess the typical 'naija' spirit in me made me make up my mind to forge ahead.At first,it was difficult to blend at my place of primary assignment because I thought I just didn't fit into that setting because I had a great job before service year which involved wearing suits to work(you can imagine the change in 'levels').

Don't let me bore you.

I had fun though especially when I participated in preparing the students for a drama competition in Muson Center where we came 3rd.I also wanted to become a secondary school student again because my students were just too full of tricks that I wished I had performed on some of my teachers when I was in secondary school.

I could go on and on but I guess I should leave the rest so that D'banj or 9ice can get lyrics for their next song/album from me!


Buttercup said...

1st again!

this really is a good sign!

Buttercup said...

gosh, i always pray not to be posted as a teacher when i eventually serve..i really dont think i'll cut it..

congrats on ur near completion!

lol @ "D'banj or 9ice can get lyrics for their next song/album from me!"

AlooFar said...

All the best.

princesa said...

Congrats on completing ur service year.
No worry, fery fery soon, you go begin chop out of 'Lagos Money,lol!

bumight said...

I'm glad you had fun.

doll said...

I hated my NYSC year. I think it should be scrapped. Corpers are seen as cheap labor. Over worked – under payed

OluwaDee said...

Congrats o!
U have served your country.

I will have to do this 2 some point in time, n am sure it would be in lagos.

naijalines said...

Musco, where you dey?
I've emailed you. Please get back to me ASAP.

LG said...

lollll@...wonder when I will begin to 'chop' out of the money Lagos has to offer;
soon, infact sooner than you only IF u dont leave lagos (grins)

congrats jare, it isnt eazy.

Naija Idol said...

when u eventually start to "chop money" hope ill get my share *wink wink*

Congratulations! U made it. i know most pple who didnt complete it.i also know most pple who payed others to sign for them in "camp".

wellsbaba said... tellin u mehn,i also had d oppurtunity of teachin students n dey playd so much tricks on me I wanted2teach dem again n catch dem to show dem dey cant mess wif their js wanted2revenge!

BrownSugar said...

Hey musco! Wishing u all the best o ... as u go in search of Lagos money. I'm looking forward to NYSC with all sorts of feelings.

Jayjazzy said...

Hi u, guess am happy 4 u, its all over and am sure u ll start earning the bigbucks soon

Uzezi said...

u r right. there r loads of opportunities in lagos. grab one when you can and dont look back.

Afronuts said...

Service year sweet shey?

Mine was like that too! Full of fun and opportunities to 'hammer' but after service reality go evetually slap u for face!

wellsbaba said...

are u stuck in service?try2update hey!or d students don mess u up?they can b such a hassle

Parakeet said...

Hey, well in the end you enjoyed it that's what matters. So where are you off to?

Rita said...

Is today your POP?