Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rantings of a CLO

For a whole year, I have been doing the most difficult job anyone can imagine.I have been managing a group of about 200 people or thereabout.I have come to realise that people or let's say that Nigerian folks are so difficult to manage.

I don't know why anyone who has gone through the four walls of a citadel of learning in Nigeria would find it so difficult to pay a token fee of 500naira out of a monthly stipend(allawee) of about 9,750naira (even though it's not paid on time) to embark on a project that will benefit a certain part of the community.I have learnt so much from this and I have realised that a lot of us always want to take without giving back.Talking about giving back to the community,do you believe that there is an Health Centre I know of where they use candles to take deliveries because of non-avaliablity of electricity?

With just a week and a few days to dumping the uniform nobody has respect for in a city where the governor is trying to leave a mark by planting trees,I look back and remember once again how the journey started,friends that have been made for life,people with characters that will always make you laugh and wonder whether they dropped from the moon.I promise to do full package of these characters in the nearest future.Still counting the days,all the job oppourtunities in Nigeria seem to have disappeared.I desperately need a job because I want to get married soon o.(just joking & hope one tall lanky blogger won't take me up on this once again)

On a lighter note,a fellow 'ajuwaya' claims he doesn't pay transport fare whenever he is in his uniform.All he does when the conductor asks for the fare is to say 'staff'.I tried it once and I was almost slapped by the conductor.I 'jejeli' brought out my money.Who wants to be disgraced in Lagos?


Rita said...

Managing people is not a small thing. If you say 200 people then I think you are doing hard work. Please see my post on managing 2 people:


One lesson I have learnt is "Money is a special issue". Even if it was N200, people will find it difficult to pay. No vex eh.

Wishing you all the best. Hope you get an award for your dedication and commitment.

naijalines said...

You tried o...200 people. You are definitely a governor in the making jare...those are bam management skills o...no kidding! Just send me a cheque in the post and your governorship is guaranteed:-)

So you brought out your money jejely ehn? You for hold on to am make u experience 'starlight'. LOL.

But seriously, I'm feeling u on the Naija 'take, take take, lack of social consciousness' mentalo. E don tire me sef. I think it is one of the major hurdles we have in that country and that includes naijas in the diaspora.

rayo said...

staff? staff ko. so nyc 4 u, finishin youth service

musco said...

@rita-it's really bn hard work.i'm heaving a sigh of relief bcs it's going to be over in d next few days.will definitely check out ur post.am i expecting an award?time & people shld tell!

@naijalines-i really ve a dream of becoming d governor of my state, so watch out 4 me!d cheque?let's wait till then.
i seriously hope we will begin to learn to give & not take always very soon.it shldn't tire u o.we cld begin a revival. *ah aaaaaaaaaaaaah*

@rayo-i be staff 2 when i dey inside uniform nw or wot do u think?thanks 4 stopping by!


no make dem shame you for eko oh! Hope to read an update on the characters.

Take care!

musco said...

@solomonsydelle-i won't allow them.will do a post on d characters soon.
thanks 4 stopping by!

aloted said...

wow..u manage 200 people u try o..

lol..u think it is easy for people to drop money like that even if na 200 bucks...do u know wat debt some of them have incurred so far...lol

may God grant u the grace to be a good manager...well done Ajuwaya!!! :)

AlooFar said...

All the best on the marriage thing O!

princesa said...

Eh ya...
One thing i have found out is that when it comes to money, Noigerians go show you their real colour,lol!

You sef why havent u paid ur contribution for the SBR beach party abi you no want attend?
Na networking opportunities u dey miss so o!

You just might get the job and the wife at the same time(wink)

Chari said...

eeyaa I happy for u o bros...nice one mehnn...I thinkof these days I will actually summon the courage to do that staff thing...

bumtight said...

glad you're through with the service. congrats!

Waffarian said...

I no envy you at all...just thank God say you no craise oh..cos that one dey enough to make person begin tear shirt for middle of road.

Hold on jare, keep your head up.

meanwhile, try use some Bible yarns wey you wan collect money.

Buttercup said...

wow..i wanna be like u o! to manage 5 people is wahala for me..gosh!

i feel u on wantin to give back n all..its a shame that people dont see the need to..wow, i cant even begin to imagine deliverin a baby with candles!

eeya..may God bless provide u with the job u deserve(n the wife too), amen!

lol @ u sayin 'staff'..hahahaha!

Afrobabe said...

Lmao…staff indeed…abeg no try lagos conuctors oh…maybe the guy was poste to sokoto…

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