Thursday, September 18, 2008


I'm back!Special thanks to all those who sent in comments to encourage me during a very tough emotional crisis period.I survived it and I strongly believe we are back together stronger than before!

On Saturday 13th September,2008,I found myself on the beach for the much publicised 'Summer Blogger Reunion'.I must confess that I kept asking myself when I got to the beach if I was actually in my right senses probably because I got there early and there was nothing like SBR going on anywhere in sight and because I had been relating with total strangers via phone calls.I called Princesa(the girl fine no be small 4 real life o) and she told me she was still on her way to the beach.I was actually the first to arrive(dem no give me award sha).My troubled mind began to relax and decided to do a little bit of bonding very close to the ocean with the friend I took along.

Princesa got to the beach and we immediately hit it off as if we had been friends for a long while.She came with her sister and I'm seriously regretting now that I left the beach without collecting her phone number(abeg no vex princesa).The other guys didn't come in on time and I was really getting worried that the whole thing was going to mess up.I'm so sure Princesa was getting worried too but she didn't show it at all.Princesa forced me to stand up to dance with her by force even when the party had not started but that really got me grooving before the other bloggers showed up.

The next set of guys to show up were the controversial exschoolnerd,charizad and woomie o.These creatures-sorry-bloggers made me realise I hadn't wasted my hard-earned resources to come for the party.I had to rub my eyes twice to make sure I was seeing exschoolnerd for real.She actually didn't act as crazy as she has made all of us believe.I actually didn't know why she wanted to beat me when I introduced myself.Apart from exschoolnerd,Princesa and Charizad,I was the only other blogger that didn't really care about giving away his true identity when anybody asked.Charizad was all over exschoolnerd and woomie o as if what they shared inside the taxi wasn't enough(thanks to exschoolnerd).

Three guys at the party however refused to let us in on their identity but we had fun like you all know already.There were latecomers also but they ended up 'hyping' the party.Baddeeeeeeeeeeeeeerchic-this girl is something else!I almost killed myself or did I make d mistake of dancing with her?This girl can dance despite ......!Badderchic if u are reading this,abeg who is that chic u came with?

How did I leave fineboyagbero out of the picture?When he came in,he claimed he was an anonymous blogger but it didn't take us time to figure out who he really was.This guy is fine but he actually didn't show us any 'agbero' skills.He just kept taking pictures as if he was working for CITY PEOPLE.Miz-cynic added flavour to the party with her lovely smile.I kept looking at her from afar just to catch a glimpse of that enchanting smile of hers.She dances very well too.

The beauty of the SBR was that most of us were total strangers but we blended and mingled as if we had known each other for ages!

FOR ...!
I actually told SOMEONE that I was going to dedicate an entire post to her for all the stress she went through in organising the SBR.PRINCESA,this post is for you!


Vera Ezimora said...


Vera Ezimora said...

Dang, I'm jealous oh. Y'll sound like you had mad fun.


Rita said...

Wow...I so wish I was there...

And thanks for dedicating this to Princesa...She really tried.

rayo said...

y'all shld stop making me regret not being there!amh

naijalines said...

Sounds like you all had some fun. Well done, Princesa.

LG said...

Glad 'we' had fun'
BTW now i kno why u were starring at prisco thru out the parry
*wide grin*

Norrin do u sha'
Prisco double twale

aloted said...

awww..thanks for giving us the 411 of what went down at the SBR...

men we should have one in the UK or parakeet, will u pls voluteer to organise a UK bash?
You know u ladies have so much fans ;) so so woman u just dey

Jayjazzy said...

Geez am actually jealous 2, i was supposed to be there but i was out of town 4 the weekend. geez.

Free-flowing Florida said...

dis sounds so much like fun! next year, am definitely coming. as 4 d hosting one, hmmmm, make we dey watch sha

princesa said...

This was too too cute dude!
I smiled all through this post, not just cos you complimented me o!

I suspected you were studying us all through out and now my suspicions are confirmed. See as u analysed the whole party finish.

Glad you could make it and yes you are correct too, i was quite worried when the others hadnt shown up but tried to hide it. If i come dey worry, wetin i expect you to do?

NaijaBabe said...

Can we all get over SBR already (Yes I am jealous)
We are having a winter bloggers reunion!!! Yes (how it will happen, I'm yet to know)

Buttercup said...

arghhhhhhhhh! everywhere i turn, theres talk of the SBR n its even more painful cos im likely never to attend any cos it happens in summer n im never home in summer!!!

ok, ok, im glad y'all had fun..

yay for princesa!

lol @ naijababe

Woomie O! said...

he he ehe !
emi creature???? o ba di e!
I'm loving you man!!!!

Anonymous said...

lmao..this one was an ALMOST unbiased version of the SBR story...why does everyone have a case with me ehn??? they couldnt have enough of my fault?

mizchif said...

I"m soooooooooooooooooooo jealous!

I feel like i missed.

Glad u guys had fun tho.

Anonymous said...

awww. you guys had so much fun. I am super jealous but I know god dey.
@ Verastical - Umm Vera maybe u should organize one for the US. just a suggestion. Pleeasseee

exschoolnerd said...

creatures!! how dare u musco

shebi i told u charizard was an ashewo...

and kudos to princesa...she did a good job.

wellsbaba said...

musco dont do this to me now....u r making me miss,I mean really miss the know i was supposed2come but got caugh up in somtin pivotal to my life!...kai,I missed,i missed,then I again..NOOOOooo! I so missed nothin to compensate...

FineBoy Agbero said...

CITY People? Kai!
Not even Elle or Hello or OK?

Na wa o!
Hw far na?

Parrot said...

musco our friendship is over..dis kin big thin happen n u no tell me..i 4 at least donate my eye to you to c more...

rayo said...

musco, where art thou?

naijalines said...

Yes, musco where art thou?
Post the thing now? What are you waiting for? ;-)

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