Tuesday, September 9, 2008


With due respect to all the girls-(i'm so sorry)-ladies in blogville,I'm so surprised that some ladies feel that they can call the shots in any relationship,friendship or whatever exists in anything that has to do with both sexes.

I met her some few months ago.

The first time I talked to her,she had the usual 'why do u want to talk to me?' air around her.The fact that I wanted to prove a point and test my skills(guys will understand better) made me continue the quest of making her my friend.It wasn't supposed to be more than that but 'somethings' went down and we became attracted(her word for what went down) to each other.She obviously thought I wanted something more but left to me I was having fun and reducing the boredom I was entangled with during the remaining few weeks to the end of my service year.

I wanted to be a good guy and gentlemen when I wanted us to talk about 'it' so that she wouldn't think I was a bad guy that wanted to 'chop and go'(stop it!-i didn't chop anything o before your imagination starts running wild).
She sits up straight and says 'I don't think you know me at all.I told you before that there can't be anything between us more than us being friends....'
I was laughing seriously on the inside,I never asked for anything more than friendship!

Girls(don't know why I keep using this word)-sorry-ladies feel they always know it all and can control the pace of anything especially relationships.To me,it doesn't work out that way especially when the guy you are dealing with has been a 'bad boy' before and has already seen it all as per relationships.We only want friendship alone at times!

Special thanks to all the ladies who hold on when we(guys) go astray!Infact this post is dedicated to you all!


Afrobabe said...

hmmmm. u need to be beaten...will organise girls...sorry ladies on blogville to help me...

aloted said...

heheheheeh MUSCO!!!!!

lol...cuz the girl is taking charge of her life u don dey vex...pls allow the girl jare

afrobabe...i dey ur side...we need to deal with musco ;)


Buttercup said...

hahahahahaha muscoscoscoscoscososco! u seem to have stepped on some toes..lol!

i dey ur back sha! lol..

Rita said...

So is this how you guys think..."I never asked for anything more than friendship..." No wonder girls-sorry-ladies end up heart-broken...you're asking for one thing and she's thinking you are saying something else...Let me go and warn my sisters...

The whole scenario sounds like a tease...why should someone be in "attraction" but wants to remain friends...I am suspecting so many things...

Waffarian said...

Musco, abeg take style analyse this thing wey you write, the answer to ur wahala dey inside:

"The fact that I wanted to prove a point and test my skills(guys will understand better) made me continue the quest of making her my friend.It wasn't supposed to be more than that but 'somethings' went down and we became attracted(her word for what went down) to each other"

So, in other words, na the babe na im you use for "testing"...ofcourse, you no tell am from the begining say na "testing testing 1, 2, 3" na im u dey use am for, abi? Now wey the babe think say something dey inside, u dey say she dey "controlling"...shebi you see yaself now?

Make I just tell you straight up, I no go mix words here, that was uncool. If you wan test, abeg, plenty ashewo dey wey you fit pay small thing, practice your toasting skills and sharpen other areas wey need sharpening...either you do that, or next time, you make sure say that "SOMETHINGS" wey happen must not happen. Shebi na "frienship" you be dey find? how "SOMETHINGS" take happen?(by the way make una note say na plural oh, so no be only one time, so no be mistake)

abi? Ladies, help me out here.

naijalines said...

I'm with Afrobabe, Rita and Waffy on this one o.

Egba bro!

aloted said...

shu naijalines...why u exclude me now...lol...I am also on this team!!! And we need more people to join in dealing with musco seriousily...

@buttercup- u better behave and fall in line as well ;)

LG said...

bros abeg chop knuckle jare
norrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiinnn do u
na Lg talk am *beats chest*
dem no get mouth :):):):):)

musco said...

a lot of u guys ve gotten d whole post mixed up.it's nice to create some controversy on blogville.this piece was inspired by writings on blogville that ve made guys look like d bad ones.there are always 2 sides to a coin!let us all think deeply.are all d ladies on blogville feminists?

@afrobabe-i'm begging u o.dn't organise girls to beat me.i'm very fragile.thanks 4 ur comment.
@aloted-taking charge of her life?i ve allowed her 'take charge' of her life.dn't deal with me o.na me d only boy 4 my house.i appreciate ur comment.
@buttercup-i ve really stepped on toes.do u think d guys on blogville get so angry when they write bad stuffs abt us?thanks so much 4 d support!
@rita-seems u re only person that is getting d picture.whether we want to accept it or nt,these things happen.ur suspicions mit be right.
@waffarian-thanks 4 analysing my post 4 me.i really appreciate it but i must state categorically that some of ur comments are uncalled 4.i also strongly believe that we all deserve a little bit of respect when we make comments on people's blog.
@naijalines-hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!u support d fact that i shld be beaten?
@lg-my heart stopped beating with fear when i read ur comment.thanks a million 4 d support!

naijalines said...

Ermmm....Ermmmm, no o. I was just saying e no good how u treat the girl now. Well maybe a little atori wouldn't be such a bad idea;-)
I'm tempted to say u might even enjoy it. But let me keep my naughtiness to myself tonight as a good egbon. LOL!

Sista, you are part of the team jare. I just didn't see your comment. E ma binu o:-)

Aburo, if i catch u...better fall in line o. LOL!

Waffarian said...

Ehhhhhhhhhhh, na joke I dey oh...haba! abeg, sorry oh, wetin concern agbero with overload? It was all in the name of good fun.

Sorry if i offended you oh, everything dey funny to me, i no even dey look this post as serious matter or serious topic.

Na wah oh, abeg chill, I no dey even think anything. If you think my comments were "uncalled" for, I apologise.

Make I find my levels abeg.

naijalines said...

Bro, chill now. I'm sure Waffy didn't mean to upset you. You need to appreciate her sense of humour, come on now:-)

Waffarian said...

Oh, I forgot, I did not mean anyway to disrespect you. Sorry if you felt there was no respect.

musco said...

@waffarian-don't mind me jare.just wanted to get to know u btr.bn stalking ur blog since i read ur comment.think i'm getting to know u btr.maybe i just didn't like d 'ashewo' word.if i felt disrespected i wld ve deleted ur comment.we re definitely going to be good friends after this!

musco said...

@naijalines-egbon,se break yin yi lo je ki e di feminist apanpandodo.so e fe je ki won da beating fun mi abi.e tun confirm e lekeji abi?
thanks 4 wading in btwn me & waffarian.i don chill.
u shld be given d 'asoludero' of blogville title.

naijalines said...

Now that's the bro I know and love. E se gan ni. You are so gracious:-)

LOL @ feminist apanpandodo.

princesa said...

Okay on a lighter note, i think u kept saying girls girls cos you are a boy,lol!!!!

no break my head for SBR o!

Party starts at 2pm pere, no naija time.

Parakeet said...

Lol...Musco, what can I say? Oh sure you didnt want more than friendship but could that change later? Trust me we girls can smell a rat from afar...not that you're one but most guys never prove us wrong.


ah, I think you gogt your answer re blogville women and feminism.

Take care


wellsbaba said...

my bro I feel u big tym....attimes they dont know we jst wanna b friends wif them(mayb bcos she wore one pair of shoes like dat dat u admired!)
then they start thinkin they are d boss then u they stir u to test u skills again(rubbin palms n winkin)
its good u jst left her alone if not she wud hav made u bcom a bad boy again ...lol

Buttercup said...

@ aloted & naijalines..LMAO..abeg no vex o, i was only 'returnin a favor' to bros o..

@ musco..uh, well, i cant speak for the guys, sometimes what is said bout em is true sha..u r welcome anywayz!

ejura said...

musco you don't have to say "babe, i want you" for a girl, sorry lady, to know that is what you want. There was this guy once who was on my neck. He didn't ask me out but I know that was where it was headed. And when I told him in advance that that was a no go area btwn us, he told me he wouldn't even think of dating me and added that I wasn't even as pretty as his girlfriend back home.
I let him rant and that was it. Days later, who walks up to me and tells me he loves me? Yep, you got that right.
So you see, 99.5% of the time, girls, i mean ladies, know what it is a boy, sorry man, wants and they are usually right.

BrownSugar said...

LOL @ the thread of comments. Congrats Musco on ur passing out.

bumight said...

i like this!

when a babe is trying to cover her bases, she's accused of being controlling.

you wanted to test, and the babe was trying to make sure she didnt get the short end of the stick.
if she had "accepted" and shit went down, it would be a case of "i just wanted to test, and i didnt know that she was that loose"

anyway it goes, the girl is almost always at risk of getting the short end of the stick, and thats why a lot of babes assume a defensive stance.

not to talk of the fact that a lot of babes get emotionally invested easily, only to find out that the dude was just "testing", a girl's got to cover her bases u know!

geisha.song. said...

ah, so you're one of those guys who acts like he's not trying to get the girl and then tries to make her feel stupid for acknowledging the fact that he's interested or attracted or whatever.

geisha.song. said...

i concur and agree with waffy. carry your half-hearted toasting and go jo.

badderchic said...

if u like beg afro more than normal, you should and will be flogged!

Sting said...

"The fact that I wanted to prove a point and test my skills(guys will understand better) made me continue the quest of making her my friend"

eh hen..... so that's what it is?! I have always wondered and suspected but finally one of u have confirmed it. I mean, i just couldn't understand y guys i have told i don't want to deal with, and i have been mean to would want to still be with me. In fact, i have accused them of just continuing the chase cos of the challenge but they all denied.

Thank u very much for this revelation. As for u and that chic, u know u just wanted to chop and run. Don't bother denying u didn't chop. Who u wan lie to?

musco said...

@paraket-u ve joined us all together.u guys give us d green light to go ahead smtms.

@solomonsydelle-i definitely got my answer with d first 2 comments on this post.

@wellsbaba-thanks jare.seems u understand how it goes btr.

@buttercup-like i said,there are 2 sides to a coin.we shldn't be d bad guys every time!

@ejura-let's put that percentage at 85%.

@brownsugar-thanks a lot!

@bumight-i understand d fact that girls want to cover their bases like u said.what do u think in a situation when d girl kickstarts smthn?

@geisha.song-let me paint a scenario.u re friends with a girl.u re with her on a particular day & u suddenly know she wants to kiss u.u didn't start it but it happens.wot wld u do?

@badderchic-i shld & will be flogged?why wld u flog sm1 u danced with?*winks*

@sting-i didn't want to chop & go!when 'sm things went down',i was trying to make her realise certain stuffs cldn't be going down.d rest is nw history i guess.

thanks 4 all ur comments!

Free-flowing Florida said...

i don't really like d tone of dis post. i think u r d one dat has got it all wrong. i don't think she tot u wanted more. she was making a statement of fact, daz all. friendship btw men & women shouldn't have so much brain cracking & strategizing. it should just b abt 2 pple dat enjoy each other! i don't like guys or babes can play games. it's not friendship - it's entertainment. dis time, @ both people's expense