Monday, September 15, 2008


I was pushed by guilt to make a confession to the 'loml' some few hours ago about some things that went down between me and my last controversial post(i'm sure d women on blogville are happy now).

'Loml' didn't find it funny at all and she has refused to listen to my pleas to act as if nothing happened.Kai,i don enter my own!R.kelly's 'if i could turn back the hands of time' comes in handy into my life right now and it has been on playback in my head since I made that confession.Though I feel better now after making the confession,the way she is taking it is driving me crazy.She doesn't even want to see me -forever?(i go die!) at least for now.

I'm out of blogville till I sort out my emotional issues!


Rita said...

Yes please, go sort out the emotional issues...u don't know wat u've got till u lose it :-)

aloted said...

I cannot laff.
Pele o..
When you sort out your emotional issues...pls come back and give us the gist. We are here for you

By the side do not underestimate the power of a woman ;-)

princesa said...

Sort those emotional issues sharply o an come back her asap!

Woomie O! said...

he he! pele u hia????
Methinks there's no emotional issue(s) spend too much time on facebook that u can't figure out what to write on ur!
just kidding.
don't worri, I will be prayn for you.

FineBoy Agbero said...

Bcos of one gal, u wan put ya life on hold? Which kain men u get for dis world sef? *shielding my face against the insults 4rm d ladies*
Abeg, go find another chicka jo!!!

badderchic said...

wahala dey o! good luck settling fught o!

Buttercup said...

awwww muscoscoscoscoscoscoscosco!(i just love draggin ur

pele least u felt better after confessin..

hurry back!

LG said...

awwww pele'
E go beta

@ fine-boi-agbero: take ya time o

badderchic said...

Musco...sorry naaaa

badderchic said...

i have edited my blog o!