Thursday, May 22, 2008

This tag thing sef ...

I don't know why I have been running away from this but I guess I have to do this afterall.

I was tagged by a tite blogger called abby.

1.Link the person who tagged you
2.Mention the rules in ur blog
3.Tell about six(6) unspectacular quirks of urs
4.Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
5.Leaving a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blog letting them know they have been tagged.

My quirks;

1.I can't use the toilet without ensuring I wipe off every trace of misdirected urine or water on the surface before I use it(even in my own home).I won't just be comfortable if my 'yansh' hits the surface and there is water on it.

2.You won't catch me sleeping with my clothes on at night no matter how cold (don't get any ideas).The only time you will catch me with a pyjamas is if I'm sleeping outside the confines and comfort zone of my room.

3.I daydream a lot about my wedding day,my first car,my house,my business empire,my boo,my wedding suit and my honeymoon(u can imagine, when i'm not a girl).If you get too close to me,I may bore you with my dreams.My 4 can testify to this.

4.I make friends at first with any girl I want to ask out.Most times the friendship ends up too deep and I don't gather up the courage to ask them out.

5.I always have the terrible feeling that all the girls I have gone out with don't want to leave me alone.

6.There are times in my life I just want to be alone.My cousin believes I'm not normal,he says I can stay alone without talking to anybody for 25 years!

7.would have written more but you guys said six ...

Everybody seems to have been tagged.I can't find anybody else to tag!


naijalines said...

This is sooooo weird. It's like reading about myself. The only quirk I don't share is #4 probably cos I'm not a guy. I also studied english.

First time here. Take care.

AlooFar said...

LMAO @ #2

Guy what if a guy is passing the night with you...

Funny Quirks ;)

TinTin said...

hmmmm ur very in touch with ur feminine side then!

Parakeet said...

I agree with you on two things...wiping toilets and being alone. It just has to happen. Thanks for stopping by mine.

Tairebabs said...

Daydreaming! used to do that all the time ..before...not about weddings though. Just about dating some hot, rich blok with a fineeee body! Was daydreaming on friday while driving to work (bad i know) was more like thinking sha. Didn't see the LASMAN direct stop at the zebra crossing on lekki. Well I got busted and had to "do the right thing".

Am so with you on the toilet seat thingy! lol

ejura said...

@ 3, 4 & 5...hmmn, you're funny Musco. You really are.

The girls you dated don't want to leave you alone? How did you get to that conclusion? I'm all ears...

wellsbaba said...

sleepin without clothes on-- that used to b my
U daydream?guy not as much as I do
u like stayin alone?I DONT,I would feel bored sort of,only stay alone when i want to meditate

musco said...

@naijalines-tanx a lot.i'm glad we took d blogging experience to another level.

@aloofar-we can try it out.u re not serious at all.i wonder what u re trying to insinuate.

@tintin-feminine side?i don't know what u mean o.

@parakeet-guess i'm not alone.i've bn nosing around your blog 4 a while.

@tairebabs-pls stop daydreaming in the wrong cld be dangerous to ur health.tanx 4 stopping by.

@ejura-am i really funny?then i shld consider a career in's a feeling bcs they all still expect me to be in touch with them.may do a post on them soon.tanx 4 stopping by.

@wellsbaba-maybe we shld do a daydreaming competition & see who wins.thot u wld never be back.thanx 4 stopping by once again.


lol @ #1! Can you pass that quality on to my 2 year old, The King? We are potty training him right now, and if not for the grace of God....

This is my first time here. Can't wait to read an update!


Dammy said...

There is someone you would have to compete with on daydreaming and I can bet millions of Naira...sorry Dollars on!
Don't even try to guess...

It's Aloofar!

Nice blog!

naijaleta said...

Big mistake about No. 4 I hope you improve on that. I'm with you on Nos 3 & 6. I dont think there's anything wrong with either. No.2 is cool, really cool.

Buttercup said...

hahahaha funny!

i absolutely luv daydreamin, the fact that u can visualize ANYTHIN u want is just so.....fabulous!

u wrote this post on my birthday!