Thursday, June 5, 2008

The P Square Videos

The P Square videos came out a few weeks back and to a large extent the videos have generated a lot of reviews and airplay.I'm a great fan of the new hip-hop Nigerian music and I have also turned myself into a sort of critic of the various genres of the new revolution called Nigerian music.

I strongly believe P Square could have done better with their new set of videos.With all due respect, their songs were 'tite'.The 'no 1 like u' track turns my head whenever I listen to it and I have made up my mind to play it for my '4' on our wedding day as she's being driven to church(it's part of my daydreaming quirk).'ifunaya' is also so good.You will want to listen to these two songs over and over again.To me the two videos lacked sufficient creativity.I know guys abroad have commended the videos because there's something more creative about Nigerian music videos now.

The 'no 1 like u' video was very okay and realistic up till the end of the first verse but the real essence of the song was lost throughout the remaining part of the video.I wonder why a particular guy in that video was carrying a tuber of yam(na comedy we dey watch?).One question I would to ask the director of that video was why the video was not shot with all the aesthetics of a typical Nigerian wedding and why they restricted the shooting of the video to the confines of a studio.

'ifunaya' was creative enough but still wondering why ex-Miss Nigeria danced with only one of the twins throughout the duration of the video.I was arguing with a few friends that the 'ifunaya' video helped us all to know exactly which of the twins is going out with the ex-Miss Nigeria.

I'm giving kudos to the director of the 'roll it' video because of the mixture of costume colours.There was a beautiful sequence of colours via the costumes.From green to yellow and from yellow to red.

There's a strong indication that the entertainment industry vis-a-vis music has come to stay in Nigeria.

New kid on the

NB:Can someone please ask 9ice if he has gone to shoot his videos in the moon?We are getting tired of waiting 'gongo asociously' for his videos to come out!


naijalines said...

'waiting gongo asociously'... witty! I likee. How you dey? I don update o.

Afrobabe said...

Ohhhhhhhh I really like the like you song and dont even care that its a studio...every one looks so beautiful there...

TinTin said...

i think ur being a bit to hard on psquare!!

u have to take into consideration their budget to!!

Tairebabs said...

I was waiting gongo asociously a month or was it two months I tiya.

About the video for "no one like you. I really love that song but the truth is the video was just there. Why so many brides and that studio just didn't do it for me but the brides were all very beautiful.

naijaleta said...

Watched a video recently, 'kini big deal?' It was nice O but something about it just kept reminding me of Fifty's Ayo Technology. We have improved a lot but we need to be more original.

bumight said...

I'm going to disagree a little with u.
I dont think the Roll it video was that great. It was so Americanized! and I got a little tired of the changing colors thing.

I liked the "No one like you" video cos it was spot on, I just didnt like the idea of 4 0r 5 brides. why couldnt the other girls be bridesmaids?

Ifunaya video was just sad. one only needed to watch the first 10seconds of the video and there was nothing else in it! waste of a great song if u ask mee.

Nigerian videos are stepping up in quality, they just need to keep it more original!

wellsbaba said...

thanku ooooo abeg make 9ce comout with video now...even durella wey dey on d same label with him don get video...as4d psqure guys u talk true yarn jare....fresh videos but they lack creativity atleast does ones try sef what wud u say bout tuface's videos?kai!bar concept,bar sense!

ejura said...

P square is set to release another music video oh. It's called:


Buttercup said...

i'v only seen 'roll it' n i liked it cos of the dancin.

@ naijaleta..i agree wit u, 'kini big deal' is kinda like 'ayo technology'