Monday, August 16, 2010


What does one do when a family friend who you attend a particular Christian meeting with every Wednesday back home has been reading your blog?

This gist is she has been stalking my blog since God knows when and has all the 'sexcapades' and 'monologues' I have written at her fingertips. Just wondering what it would look like sitting in their sitting room on a Wednesday evening for house fellowship and my stalker winking at me with the 'I know what you have on your blog' smile wildly on her face. Trust me, she's mischievous!

I handed in my dissertation today and hoping for the best as per the marking. It's not over until it is over!

I'm back to blogging more often again. Anybody up for some more from the 'Monologue' archives?


Lily Johnson said...

Well, you can smile back (Oh yeah baby, I aint no saint)
Or you can look very serious (What is that?)
Anyway, there are some people i wouldn't like to 'stumble upon' my blog in cyberspace so i feel you.

YankeeNaija said...

*singing Rockwell's "I always feel like somebody's watching me." lol. wow. that's weird. but if she stalks you, then won't she read this post? lol. maybe that's the point. lol. good luck bro.

T.Notes said...

Laughing Out Loud!!!!This is a classic post worth discussing!!!I'd go for Lily's 2nd suggestion! Just fake seriousness as if u dnt know whats going on, even if she confronts u headfront!Deny Deny Deny!!!!lol!!!

I've always wondered too!And i confess that once i purposefully changed my URL to shake off/loose some certain followers!!!!That'd spoil the whole essence of annoynimity and hence freedom to expression!!!Hahaha!!!

Congrats on the submit!N thanx4 the checkup.

LG said...

lolll who she be???
gudluck on ur dissertation tho'

Young Grumbler said...

Lol, smile back and wink at her...congrats on finishing your dissertation

Lara said...

Congratulations on your for the chick, just pray she does not bust your bubble and tell every body else.

Naijalines said...

I would smile and wink back!
Congrats on the submission, aburo.

If you are going to continue the monologues, by all means do so and make it more 'edgy'. lol!

TecknicoleurGrl said...

Congratulations on your dissertation o!!!

Fabulo-la said...

LOOOOL! This made me laugh o!

Im with Tnotes, DENY DENY DENY!
Na lie. No be me jere.

Good luck with your akada o!