Saturday, March 20, 2010

Something About You ....!

For the special one I wake up thinking about every morning!

Great song, simple video but really cool. I can't stop myself playing this song all over in my head.


Sugarking said...

I hope they've seen it tho. Really cool.

neefemi said...

awwww sweet...don't like the video, but very nice song

T.Notes said...

Heyyy!Funny, i was singing same song over n over yesterday!A friend's wedding, her man (bridegroom), brought in Dr Sid as a surprise performance, and he did this song. It was off the chain!!!!N sweet too, seeing her dance in glee!
(Glee, who still uses that word anyways?!)
N i'm waiting for your version of "Shy Guy gets the Gal". Its a duel man!

L.B. said...

lol i was at the wedding T. Notes was talking about. It was really sweet. Love this song.
Check me out.

T.Notes said...

Hmmm L.B,that's a tip-off you just let slip. It might be possible for me to put one and two together...better slip that mask on tighter. Dang, and i'd better do same;)

musco said...

@Sugarking- who are d they o?cn't wait to mime d song 4 her as soon as I see her.

@neefemi- u don't like d video?d video is so simple.i really like it bcs of d fact that d MO'HITS crew didn't take d shine over DR.SID in d video.great lycris 2.guess I may have to do a lot of work to 'convince u & nt confuse u' that d video is really nice compared to other videos of naija artistes

@T.Notes-d wedding must have been really romantic.My own version?wondering how to go about that....I don't mind some lectures.
...which mask?u can't remain anonymous on blogville forever.some of us lost ours long ago... lol

@L.B.-will definitely be checking u out.thanks 4 stopping by. T.Notes says u ve given him a huge tip... lol

L.B. said...

LOL @ T.Notes.. He'll never figure me out.. There were a million and one young folks like myself at that wedding lol.

Nevertheless.. *tightening up that mask*

Naijalines said...

Nice, aburo.
I hope she's listening.

T.Notes said...

@L.B: Don't test me!If i want2 sniff u out, i will;)
But since i also choose annon,i'm making that non of my business.
*Just saying*+ *Evil Wink*

@Musco: How dare humble me give lectures.I'm as novice as a 5yr old scribbler;)
As4 how identities go,come on, whats the fun of blogging if everybody knows u! Abeg, no fall my hand o!
As4 "shy guy", oh well, i was looking4wd2 rdn ur version. I'v actually popped by ere a few times cos of that.
Nyways,i'll drop my humble sequel to it 2day/so.

yankeenaijababe said...

nice song! thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy the rest of the week

sosexy said...

Loverboy..Cool.Nice..Thank you so much for stopping by my place..

Myne Whitman said...

Really nice song, love the lyrics.

Naijalines said...

Update, aburo.
So wa? Hope you're enjoying the lovely weather.