Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I don't even know where to start from.My eyes don see for this thing called NYSC.Can you imagine that students I don't even teach are planning to set me up.Up till now,d tin still be like film trick.

What kind of children are we breeding in our secondary schools?Are parents still monitoring their children in school?What is the future of these kids going to look like?

Enough of these moral questions!Let me give you the full gist.

It all started when an s.s 3 friend walked up to me and said 'excuse me sir, I heard something about you'.I didn't take her serious until she continued to repeat it.She said a group of boys in her class said I had 'sinned against them'.I decided to put my investigative skills to practice immediately.This is what I got:
1.I was talking to or getting too close to one of their girls.
2.They just didn't like me because of my charisma,dressing,(or probably because I look too young to be youth corper).

They were planning to set me up last week.I was patiently waiting for them although I fear small because if they plan to beat me up,they go don launch first attack before I go fit do anything.I made sure I let the so called guys realise I already knew about their plans which I guess put a little bit of fear into them.

I made up my mind that I was not going to report them to the school authority but allow them to carry the 'curse' of their actions for the rest of their lives.

Wetin man eye never see 4 this lagos all in the name of serving my fatherland!


Honeywell said...

pele oh! at least they did not burn your car or smash your windows or something.. be happy.. :)

ladyguide said...

"I fear small because if they plan to beat me up," lol!!!!!, so u dey fear ur students, na wa o, anyway no worry, nothing dey happen

musco said...

honeywell-tanx o!but where would a corper like me get a car talkless of them smashing it?tanx 4 checking out my blog.

ladyguide-it is better experienced than imagined.why i no go fear?like u said NOTHING DEY HAPPEN!tanx 4 checking out my blog.

AlooFar said...


You must have done something!

I see Michael Jackson's got a fan in you!!!

Afrobabe said...

lmao...abeg make children no beat u oh...

the fear of young boys is the begining of wisdom...

Sabira said...

LOL..This sounds so familiar, boys hating on the corpers for stealing their girls, tk it easy!

Fausset said...

LOL...LMAOOOOOOO...LOL fear grip you small..lol e yaa why do u guys have to go to schools tho why cant you go to banks or corporate offices..lol dont get close to their girls then, back off..lol.

musco said...

@aloofar-if u were in my shoes,u wld probably ve done worse.secondary skl is no wot u think it is.

@afrobabe-definitely d beginning of wisdom.

@sabira-does happen often, doesn't it?point of correction-i wasn't chasing their girls.

@fausset-we re posted to the schools.who doesn't want to work in a corporate office?chased d girls away when i saw d handwriting on the wall.if u read d older posts on my blog,u will understand how i resigned to teaching.