Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Food for Thought

I stumbled on some poems written by a modern African(Nigerian) poet and I feel it will go a long way in redefining what "leadership" should be in Nigeria.Whether we want to accept it or not,we will definitely find ourselves in one leadership role or the other.

I point my index finger at you:
You who say, do not steal,
Do you not rob with your pen?
You who teach, do not lie,
Are you not a glib liar?
You who scold, don't be lazy,
Do you not shirk your responsibility?
You who teach honesty,
Are you not fraudulent?
You who charge others to be loyal,
Are you not a traitor?
You who warn about the dangers of smoking,
Are you not a drug peddler?
You who preach democracy,
Are you not a dictator?
You who exalt good leadership,
Are you not a terrorist?
Do as I say and not as I do
Is now an archaic adage.
Do not expect anyone to uphold
What you yourself are guilty of.


exschoolnerd said...

I totally feel u on thinking i had run away from maths..only to meet TGG in yr 3...which i am in.Gosh syntactic analysis and phonological analysis is doing my head in but God dey sha....

wellsbaba said...

saw ur comment on exschoolnerd's post n decided2check u out!so u dread maths?i wanna inform you that im final year student of maths!!!wetin u want make me do?
anywais feelin ur blog mehn,will b back!