Saturday, April 26, 2008

what's so special about 9ice?

I don't mince words whenever I say I'm a huge fan of the new Nigerian music industry even though the nudity some of the musical videos showcase baffles me.

What's so special about this guy called 9ice?His 'gongo aso' track seems to be getting more hype everyday.I was watching primetime jamz or is it primetime africa(whatever) last night when a footage of his performance at Alariwo's 10th anniversary was shown.I was amazed at the crowd reception when he came on stage.Almost everybody in that hall stood up to move,dance,shake(God knows) to the song.It was so intresting to note that almost all if not all the so called lagos big girls in that hall stood up to dance and applaude the guy's performance.Even an old 'young' man called D1 of Kennis music fame stood up to appreciate 9ice.I ask again "what's so special about 9ice?"

The talk about town is that 9ice is currently shooting the videos 4 his album.I'm patiently waiting to see if his videos will be able to match the hype the whole of Nigeria has given this young man.

It still pains me dat I don't know how to sing.You can imagine the way I felt when I saw D'banj's house on t.v.Due to this,I'm seriously trying to stop monitoring musical videos and programmes on t.v because the more I see,the more I try to improve on my voice.


Abbie said... 1st..
9ice(the artist):not sure about what he has to offer in thelong run.....for me, an artiste doesnt have to make hits as long wat he sing/raps/ryhmes(lol) about make sense and appeals to the society
9ice (the person): i think he is a sensible and good guy..i watched his interview with Funmi Iyanda on her show and i must say that he can hold his own....

Morountodun said...

Like you I'm a fan of the recent wave of music from Naija however i can't be as current as I would like to be. I prefer a lot of the more original artistes as opposed to those that just copy the american trends without thought. i haven't seen too many naija music videos though (as I live in the UK) but will look out for them.

All the best with the youth service!

TinTin said...

thank you ohhh..i'm asking myself the same thing!

Fausset said...

9ice track gonga aso is hottt...even my parents listen to has a little bit of yoruba, pidgin and english. It appeals to both young, old, area boi, mother, father..grandmother..forget it mehn, its hottttttt..i loveee loveee gonga

uchevelli said...

well, 9ice is an artist whose career i've been following for quite some time, i predicted that he would go places, and thats wats happening, am not surpirsed. the language with which you sing doesnt mean a thing, your delivery is what entertainment is all about,how your voice blends with the instrumentals you are given, 9ice has a type of vocal chord that is very rare and the broda can sing, he can speak in tongue for all i care, is the music properly sychronized... thats what entertainment is all about. we listen to french rap songs, still cant get a meaning but if the lyrics rhyme and the rapper has flawless delivery, who am i not to enjoy the song... Back to 9ice, his first single, music daddy was not bad, then the second was little money- which was a hit, Ganja man was also hot and gongo aso was even hotter...have u listened to his new single with 2face-out of naija, thats some real shit there men, its the bomb.that broda has some true talent... lets give him the support he needs...make we support our own, nice write up MUSCO..keep it up!

Tairebabs said...

oh I just love 9ice. The song gongo aso is nice. Heard another song of his I think was "no be lie" or something like that and it was pretty good too. I love authentic Nigerian musicians. Just like uchevelli said the language you sing in doesn't matter. I don't speak an ounce of Yoruba but I love a lot of songs that are perfomed in it. Nice post!