Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What's so special about SEX?

There are times we have to reflect on certain mysteries that have come to affect our daily lives in such a manner that keeps us wondering about the complexity of life in its entire form. There’s something extraordinary about this 3-letter word that makes me borrow a line from a traditional praise-song poem to sufficiently describe it:

“… One sees and points towards with all one’s fingers.”

What’s so special about SEX that makes everybody want to talk about it? This assumption might not be generally acceptable because even with the advancement of technology and a lot of stuff that has now come to stay, a lot of people especially in religious quarters still don’t want to talk about it. If you have never thought about the true essence of SEX and all the mystery that surrounds it, maybe we should all spend a few minutes after reading this to critically examine if there’s really a mystery surrounding this word.

Have u ever wondered why husbands cheat on their wives because of sex and vice-versa?

Have u ever wondered why parents find it so difficult to talk to their children about sex?

Have u ever wondered why a whole lot of us can’t wait until we get married before we experiment with sex?

Have u ever wondered what the world would look like if God activates our hormones on our wedding night?

Have u ever wondered why it is believed that sex affects our destinies?

My thoughts and contribution towards making the world a better place!


Buttercup said..., i've never really thought deeply about it before..


husbands supposedly cheat on their wives cos the wives SUPPOSEDLY do not satisfy their appetites..or they r just plain greedy..

i guess parents find it difficult to talk about sex to their children cos of the fear of them(the children) wanting to experiment..and we all now the consequences of careless experiments..

hmm, much as its a sin to have sex before marriage, its a very, uh, pleasant activity..waiting till marriage is as hard as a kid being restricted from eating candy..

no, i havent wondered what the world wud look like..but if our hormones only get activated on our wedding night, the world wud be oblivious to such things as sexual desire, right?

i havent wondered about this either..does sex truly affect our destinies??

Buttercup said...


1ssssssssssssssssssssssssst! whoop! whoop!

Buttercup said...


princesa said...

I believe Sex is not just a physical thing but also spiritual.

People need to be careful those they sleep with.

aloted said...

sex indeed can affect our destinies.. it is much more than a physical is very spiritual and a covenant. all kinds of spirits are transferred during sex..

i can go on and on... but bottom line for me is that God ordanied sex and if we want to get it right we should seek him and what he says about sex.

NaijaBabe said...

I guess its cos sex is one of those things that have grave consequences if done wrong, I don't mean if you have the wrong position when you do it...

I mean look at 'rape' for instance, it results in the victims living a traumatised life.

For those who have unprotected sex, it results in diseases or pregnancy.

Honestly, I dont think there's anything so special about it, hence why some can stay virgins and if not virgins, stay celibate for a long time.

But then again its something that applies both ways, its something that deals strongly with personality. Its those with self discipline and the will power to stay away from it that can do the above, and if they lack that then it becomes a problem.

Since not a lot have this will power, then its treated as a problem so I guess we can prepare our minds and bodies for it. Hence why parents do not talk about it with their children. They are children, why burden their minds with this thing that even adults cant deal with.

As you've said, its a spiritual thing as well...maybe even more spiritual than physical, but unfortunately, its purported to be a very physical act...

Ok, I seem to be writing an epistle thats probably deviated from the topic, so I'll stop!!

Parrot said...

sex is a bond and you don't wanna be bonding with the wrong people..dats my stupid opinion

LG said...

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La Reine said...

What its supposed to be or what the World has caused it to become?

- I'm likely the worst person to answer this question.

~Special why? Because ts the deepest connection shared between a husband and a wife. Or its supposed to be.

~ in terms of the rest of the world... People are hedonistic. Simple

SavvyD said...

It should be something sacred. It creates life. However, nowadays people only view it as recreation. I have been offended so many times by the way men have treated me because they just want sex with me. On the other hand, people being so casual about sex has produced alot of diseases en mass that no one had heard of 50 years ago. I talked about that on my blog recently when a guy asked me to go home with him. I said NO!

Naijalines said...