Monday, March 10, 2008


If you are wondering what this is all about,you need to read my last few write-ups to get a hang of this.
At the MUSON centre on the 6th of March 2008,my school gloriously came 3rd out of the twelve schools in Lagos that qualified for the finals.Thank God we won,you can imagine what we went through before we went for the competition.The best actress in the competition also came from my school.She did not only go home with personal gifts,she also got a customized dress from the HOUSE OF HENRI(I envy the girl no be small).
Before the students went on stage,I told them it will be the high point of my service year if they win.THEY MADE ME PROUD!
The talents I saw at that competition made me wish I had this kind of exposure when I was in secondary school.Kudos must be given to all the schools for the amount of resources they put into preparing for the competition.Kudos must also be given to the organisers-FREE GIFT INTERNATIONAL for creating a platform for these secondary school students to express themselves.
I must say this-I saw EGO BOYO live at the finals.She was one of the judges(the woman fine no be small).I would go crazy about Nigerian movies if she begins to act again.


Fausset said...

am glad that uve bonded with your students but as i said on my last post dont make their boiz brush plus congratss on the third position..u fo carry first

musco said...

tanx a we for carry first wen skls like vivian fowler dey!