Saturday, July 3, 2010

Monologues (Cont'd)

There are different impressions about me

Some say I rise first thing in the morning
Some say it's so dangerous 4 a 'V' to be close by early in the morning
The myths surrounding me have been consistent since creation
It is even believed I'm easily moved by what I see

Some of these myths are right
Some are wrong

I have a mind of my own
My escapades speak for it itself
My siblings have added in no small measure to every population
At least I still do some good
Despite the huge criticism I face

I know some love me
I know some hate me
All in all, the world and the entire woman race can't resist me

I have my up and downs too
As soon as I discovered my self and what I could do
Life has been so difficult
Even times when I try to maintain the so-called celibacy posture
Mr. Chairman keeps sending signals through the brain to me
Which I pick up instantly without having to tune in to any channel

The happiest time comes
With the surge and spill
That absolutely makes the BP oil spill an absolute child's play!

I have had so many reactions to the 'Monologue' series. As at last night, someone who ventured to my blog asked what I was thinking when I wrote the first series with this question - 'Were you horny?'. Special thanks to all those who seem to get the creativity behind my imagination of giving the 'kini' a voice. T.Notes took up my challenge of doing his own version of the 'Monologues' by coming up with a play version (Great job & ...thanks for the publicity!)

Will there be a need for more series or parts?


Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

lol...i love this monologues...i think its creative...

YankeeNaija said...

blogspot needs to consider having like buttons cause I'd like to click it now.

before ending and entering the word verification in order for my comment to be posted, the word I was given was "brusnee." I chuckle because of what came to my mind "bruised knee." Do with that what you will. take care.

Naijalines said...

Lol @ YankeeNaija.
Bruised knees give joy. It's a good place to be if one's role is 'Ms Padding'. Make of that what you will, as I'm sure your readers would too.

Naijalines said...

Early morning, rise and shine, ehn. Lol.

Keep the series flowing, jare.
Don't let other people's opinions affect your creative spirit. Write as your spirit leads. That's half the fun of writing. That's my view sha.

T.Notes said...

Lol. You ladies are confusing the "innocent" ones!

Where musco came up with the concept, only heaven knows! God Lord, just don't be hinting Missy about your BP oil spills endowment/comparison, else,you might have a runaway bride/chic case on your hands!!!Wanna kill somebody?!!!lol!

My point remains: Freedom to speech is still permitted EVEN in Nigeria,how much more your own blogpage. Hmmm,throw in a mix of v-monologues-if you can handle that!

Monologues is creative,jare!

YankeeNaija said...

@ Naijalines: I like you. lol. bruised knees give joy. yes indeed they do, as do tired backs.

why am I taking this route? lol. I wish I was as creative as you lot, especially with the V monologues. I'd like to take a stab at coming up with something. I'll let you know how far I get.

musco said...

@Sisi Yemmie- thanks a million 4 loving d 'monologues'!I hope to come up with more of this in d nearest future.

@YankeeNaija- this *aside* na wa o!I have had to read it over & over again since you made a comment. I think I have already done with my mind what ... lol!

@Naijalines- Egbon mi!talking 4rm experience????Will give my best to keep d series flowing as more thoughts of d 'kini' flow into my mind!

@T.Notes- They are definitely confusing d 'innocent' ones!Thanks 4 d support shown so far on d 'monologues'

TecknicoleurGrl said...

You people and your monologues!! I like 'em, sha... you and T.Notes should keep this up, tho. Dunno why some people are so touchy about their 'kini', as you so nicely put it. I'm waiting for more, anyway...

Parakeet said...

Love the new look by the way.

And this... My siblings have added in no small measure to every population...I really like.