Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Na wa 4 bloggers jare!

I have read with keen interest the comments made on my last post which I have decided to pull down probably because of the hypocrisy hidden in some of the comments and the entire mis-judgement of the 'Monologues'.

I have read worst things on blogville and I don't think I have overstepped my boundaries. It's my blog and like Naijalines said, I can blog on whatever I like.

All I wanted to do was give a voice to 'kini'(as some have labelled it) and imagine what it would sound like if it had a mind of its own. It was all about creativity!

My days on blogville are definitely numbered!


9jaPhoenix said...


But I am a baby blogger na!

9jaPhoenix said...

Oga cool down nau. Ahnahn why did you take down the post? Hmmmn. But you were talking about a part of your anatomy...are you ashamed you did that?

Hmmmn... I choose not to hype the plumbing but I appreciate God for his anatomical blessings upon me...worthy of note as they may be or not.

People should chill out mahn..ahnahn

YankeeNaija said...

@ Musco: dude. It must have been an interesting post and I missed it??? Sucks. Hey, can you email it to me? I'd like to read it.

Naijalines said...

Awww...Aburo, why did you take down the monologues? I think you should repost o.

And what's that about leaving blogville? Mchew...Let me catch you;)

Sisi Yemmie said...

pls repost oh...cos i need to see the post oh

musco said...

@everybody- silly I deleted in anger.I may have to do another post on it or just suck on my creativity juice to make it more descriptive!

promise to do another post on 'Monologues' soon( due to popular demand, though I feel T.Notes & 9jaPhoenix will do a better job). 4 blogville folks dt haven't read d part 1, pls feel free to scroll down on my blog.

T.Notes said...

1. Why the heck would you take up a perfectly good blog?!!!Mehhhn you fall my hand big time!!!

2. You should have notified me pronto if anybody was giving you grief over your post! You know me I don dey find trouble tipe tipe for blogger!!!

3.You dare to challenge me!!Emi, Omo T.Notes!!!You are such a dead man!!!!Game is on already!!!!Head over to my blog and pick up the gaunlet-if you dare!

4.I have tagged you,so just go ahead n put up ur reciprocate on your blog and tagg moi back.
If anybody like, make them cough on these monologues!!!Any cough will make me more explicit. Hiss,they no born anybody well!!!!lol!!

5. Don't mind me, i like a good challenge. Its fuel for the creative juices.Freedom of expression was still free last time i checked.