Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Monologues (1)

Most times
They say I control myself
Women believe that once I wake up from slumber
I can hardly think straight
I stay awake till I get what quenches my thirst

It is even believed
I'm moved by what I see
Although I believe it's more of a myth than reality
I still believe I have a mind of my own
Which makes it difficult for my 'owner' to control sometimes

There are times I wonder why I wield so much power
But I'm at peace because I know Heaven brought me to fore for a purpose
Yes! I was definitely part of the creation story or ...
Created for a particular reason

I know certain women purposely provoke me with their dressing
They have woken me up from slumber in public places
They have made my 'owner' send messages to me from the brain
I try to resist most times especially when I had been warned earlier
Somehow, it's just so difficult for me to resist a challenge

I have been put to test so many times
I really wonder what state I would be now if ...

There could be more depending on the reactions I get from this. It's sort of interesting to be able to view things and issues from another perspective. I can't wait to read comments!


neefemi said...

Lmao.....a monologue about D**k, my goodness, don't even know what to say...lmao, good read

Fabulo-la said...

I hope this was all in your mind sha!

Jaycee said...

What Fabulola You try to resist, but it is difficult to resist a challenge? Hmmm...

T.Notes said...

You are insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And neefemi;monologue about D**k;thanx 4putttin it BLUNT!!!!

I confess;most embarassin is gettin wakeup call IN CHURCH!!!!
Like;i rebuke you in JESUS NAmmE!!!!

Naijalines said...

Good for you to get the pent up feelings all out, aburo.

Dis d**k talk sha, e get as be o, lol.

Very creative. I think you prolly found it therapeutic to write it, though.

As u be my aburo, I cannot possibly say 'keep it coming'. But hopefully others would;)

musco said...

@neefemi- thanks for giving d post a whole new name u dn't know what to say bcs I strongly believe u nvr realised it could talk ...

@Fabulo-la - all in my mind?I may actually be speaking for all d '...' in d entire world.

@Jaycee- It definitely tries to resist a challenge but so difficult especially when it has tasted the fruit b4.

@T.Notes- insane ke?special thanks 4 bringing another dimension to d 'monologue'. wait sef ... u get wake-up calls in church?who is ur pastor?Lol!

@Naijalines- Egbon mi,HABA!pent-up feelings ke? '...' was just speaking for all the folks with it ni o. wasn't really therapeutic! I totally understand the fact that u don't want to be spoilt by ur aburo abi?I hereby seek ur elderly advice whether I should continue with the 'Monologue Series' or not.

Naijalines said...

"Elderly advice" ke? Aburo, I don't have a walking stick o. Lol.

I think you should continue with the series. It is quite interesting.

T.Notes said...

This update was spsed to be ur next post Mr Man jare!!!

YankeeNaija said...

i read it and just thought it was interesting till i started reading the comments. When I realized who, or rather what, was "talking", I reread it. Sorry hon, it's after 3 am here on the west coast and I'm sleepy. great post.

Ms.Undastood said...

LOL, interesting piece!!! my 'write' ability is a lot better than my read ability but the banter btw you and T Notes is always worth my while ...