Wednesday, July 14, 2010



I'm having another blog crush!


T.Notes said...

Give me the low-dowwwwn na na na!!!

musco said...

@T.Notes- LOL! Thot u said there was no war .....

4 now, the 'low-down' will be kept tightly to my chest until I recover!

T.Notes said...

Watcha problem mehn?!!
U know i have your FB madam's details! Better talk now, or else!I repeat, OR ELSE!!!!

Y'all that r turning this esteemed write-space into a dating/hookup lounge!lol!

neefemi said...

Lol, how do we help if we don't know who she is o? Spill

YankeeNaija said...

Nothing wrong in having a crush, trust me, I should know (lol). what matters is what you do about that crush. Just remember that a crush is harmless until it starts interfering with what really matters. just my two cents. Take care.

Fabulo-la said...

Ohhhhh! I like guessing games!

Oya tell us sth about her let us guess guess guess!

Actually no, I hate guessing games...
But Im still nosey enough to want to know.

T.Notes said...

neefemi,yankeenaija,sisiyemmie,yankeenaijababe, i getting near??or is it a newbie??i'm on your tail man,doin the inspector gadget n getting to the root of this matter!!!

Boy,when you start siting inspector gadget, sherlock holmes (in 2010),then u know u're getting musty stale!


Naijalines said...

Ha-ha, I think we all know who that is!

Name starts with a 'Y'.
Hehehehe. Yeah, she's cool.

Softly softly, sha.

musco said...

@T.Notes- 'dating/hookup' lounge?I just love the fact that you are on my tail!

@neefemi- Don't think I want to spill yet.

@YankeeNaija-'Just my two pence' *I like*

@Fabulo-la- Lol!Let's keep guessing jare.not sure myself.

@Naijalines- Haba! Egbon mi, u still remain my no 1 crush on blogville.'Y' ???????? Egbon mi le ma je ...

Fabulo-la said...

oya e don do..
can you like come and tell us who she is already???

T.Notes said...

Mr Man,make the ladies day n tell it to the whole world that:
"There's something you,something about,something you girl!!!"
P.S, I've already concluded my investigations n let her know;-)