Thursday, July 15, 2010

What's so Special about Sex????

This was a post I did sometime in 2008. Obviously these are times man needs a wife in this lonely world especially when the whole world seems to be full of everything sensual. Writing and talking about it makes me feel a lot better!

Here it goes ....

There are times we have to reflect on certain mysteries that have come to affect our daily lives in such a manner that keeps us wondering about the complexity of life in its entire form. There’s something extraordinary about this 3-letter word that makes me borrow a line from a traditional praise-song poem to sufficiently describe it:

“… One sees and points towards with all one’s fingers.”

What’s so special about SEX that makes everybody want to talk about it? This assumption might not be generally acceptable because even with the advancement of technology and a lot of stuff that has now come to stay, a lot of people especially in religious quarters still don’t want to talk about it. If you have never thought about the true essence of SEX and all the mystery that surrounds it, maybe we should all spend a few minutes after reading this to critically examine if there’s really a mystery surrounding this word.

Have u ever wondered why husbands cheat on their wives because of sex and vice-versa?

Have u ever wondered why parents find it so difficult to talk to their children about sex?

Have u ever wondered why a whole lot of us can’t wait until we get married before we experiment with sex?

Have u ever wondered what the world would look like if God activates our hormones on our wedding night?

Have u ever wondered why it is believed that sex affects our destinies?

My thoughts and contribution towards making the world a better place!


YankeeNaija said...

my thoughts on this is that SEX has been given more power than it really has. i think that the only way to deal with it is to demystify it. it's an act. it's something that our bodies are created to do. but when we start treating it bigger than it really is, then it becomes a whole other animal. i already have it in my mind that when my munchkin gets to the age when he'll start asking questions about it, i'll give him all the information he'll need, age appropriate of course. i don't want him to feel as if it's something that's taboo. because when we make it so taboo, it makes it really dangerous. (i was thinking of another word, but it wouldn't come to me.)

Naijalines said...

My thoughts are similar to YankeeNaija's. The only thing I would add is to stress the importance of emotional maturity and the responsibility that comes with being sexually active, in discussions with young people.

On one hand, it's a physical act. But it is also spiritual. And yes, it does affect destinies. It should not be a taboo subject, and it should ideally always be an enjoyable experience.

Naijalines said...
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Lily Johnson said...

Yeah, though sex is very very special, it is very very overrated. It really takes a mature person to deal with the whole brouhaha about sex.

Nutty J. said...

Actually Sex makes the world go nuts...

Its crazy