Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Musco Got His Mojo Back!

Somehow, Musco has got his blogging mojo back!

I must confess I come here everyday with the zeal to write something but my hands fail me even though most times my head is full of so many thoughts, real-life experiences I want to share. One good reason why I have refused to blog in a while is the fact that I was angry with the world and so called friends. I just didn't want to use my blog as a way of letting out my anger. If I had done that, I'm so sure I would have world class enemies by now and they may even be calling for my head like they have been calling for Gaddafi's in Libya as well as Arsene Wenger's head at Arsenal.

I don't do blog rounds that much again but that yeye boy or man called T.Notes always has a way of making me go to his blog to make comments. I was almost pushed to the wall several weeks back when he kept mentioning my name on his blog and making different allusions to the 'Musco' entity, to write a full piece about him but I was told by my legal counsels T.Notes to give him sometime to amend his 'womanish' ways.

Anyways, I'm back and will be doing a lot of writing in the next few days. I need to start up again with reflection on those days when 'Musco' was a popoular naija blogger.

For friends like my egbon-Naijalines that have abandoned me. God dey o!


T.Notes said...

Heyyyyyyyyy,my main man is back!!!!!Oya,let's hit town on friday!!!!Welcome back Boss!!!!
Update Update Update!!!!
And don't mind that T.Notes guy. i don't know wetin dey worry am!!lol!!

Adura Ojo (Naijalines) said...

I did not abandon you o. Just thought you were busy with other things. You know how it is na, before one gets accused of stalking, lol. We gist on facebook ke, how dare you accuse me of abandonment - aburo?;(

T.Notes said...

Oya update nau!!!