Saturday, February 12, 2011


I have been tagged again! Although I have been tagged ages ago, I don't really know what kept me from accepting the 'tag'. In my egbon's word (Naijalines):

''The rules are as follows:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Tell us 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 other bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know that they have won''

Since it's been ages I was tagged, I will just go straight ahead without following the rules and tell you seven things about myself .........

1. I'm beginning to love football with a strange passion that has not been there before. Even though it gives me heart-ache when the team I support loses, I promise myself to stop watching football but the next weekend I'm a die-hard Arsenal fan again!

2. I think I have a thing for older women, most of my virtual friends are older than me and I really enjoy having them as my friends *winking*.

3. I daydream a lot about what my complimentary card will look like in the nearest future because of all the academic qualifications I seem to have acquired.

4. I'm getting tired of making job applications!!!

5.I still fight a lot with my mum even though we are miles apart but we seem to have a special way of settling our differences.

6. I have a sleeping dis-order!!! No matter the time I sleep, I wake up like 2-3am and I can't sleep until the break of dawn.

7. I have a strong passion for Naija music and I believe I have a good ear to know if a particular naija music will be a hit or not. I'm also daydreaming of starting my own record label that will be a force to reckon with on the naija music scene.



Beautiful said...

i'm tired of job applications too. :(
"older women" hmmmmm

Lily Johnson said...

Up Naija music! I understand how you feel about the job application thing. I wish you all the best in all you do.

BSNC said...

yup yup go gunners!! lol. I used to or i thought i had sleeping disorder. All i did was make myself extremely tired, i am knocked out before i get to my bed.

look at the way you said done like it was an assignment or something lol.

Naijalines said...

Don't get tired of doing job applications oh. it is the doing that will eventually bring your bread and butter.

Cougar leanings? Hmmm... no comment. It is well sha - as long as it is all for the right reasons.

*BTW, I hate that word 'cougar'. It's sexist, so I'm just being cheeky.

Lara said...

Dont get tired of job applications oh.

Clears throat at this your older women likeness, well nothing do you

Beautiful said...

My friend where are you? come back joh before I divorce you! :p

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Hi Musco

I love Nigerian music as well.:)
Thanks for visiting my blog


inStilettos said...

hey everyone's stopped writing ... update please! how do yu end up settling fights with your mom?

MsJB said...

I must say that I love the way you keep your posts really short. That's sth I find really hard to do.
I love Nigerian music too. It's really amazing to see the improvements going on in the industry as a whole.

T.Notes said...

This man,update this blog jare!!!I need gist.

crazylifemeetsdee said...

came from T.Notes cos kept seeing your name on his posts and I wake up between 2 and 3am too!! but i go right back to weird