Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The time has finally come
I no longer feel safe here
I can no longer put my thoughts down here
I know I have stalkers following my every blog move


Can I really leave blogville?
I probably need a rebirth
Or a more quiet place
Where my thoughts can be let out in writing without any fears!!!!!!!!!!!
I may still be lurking around in a different form .......

For now

I bid this blog a final goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Naijalines said...

Na wa o. Anyway take am easy sha, my Aburo. If you really do have stalkers like you suspect, this is like playing into their hands - shay you know?

Make you let me know the koko (identity) of your metamorphosis, i.e the new you.

Lara said...

why bid goodbye...
let us know the new form when you are ready oh.

T.Notes said...

Mr man,come back here 1st and let's talk!!!!

inStilettos said...


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