Thursday, May 6, 2010

D' Banj & 9ice Videos

A quick one ....!

Both D'banj and 9ice came out with new videos this week and I have continually watched the videos over and over to pick my best. My hobby of trying to pick the flaws of naija musical videos just won't let me rest. I must confess I'm a great fan of naija hip-hop music(at least the ones that make sense) but I only try to turn on my critical side for videos where we have the least display of boobs and not too much sexual content.

As per D'banj's video (Fall in Love) despite the general acceptance of the video just because he kissed Mrs D'banj( ah ... dem never marry nw), I absolutely feel there's still something missing in the video. My first critic of the video stems from the opening scene where D'banj's first few words after coming out of the shower were in 'broken' English ... haba! It just made him look so 'razz' beside Genevieve. I also wonder when naija artistes will learn to come up with a video almost immediately after a song is released because doing a video almost immediately with the song gives it a better hype than doing the video a year later. They should learn from Olu Maintain's 'Yahooze' video and 9ice's 'Gongo- Aso'. The videos never lived up to expectation because they came out almost a year after the songs were released. If they had been released almost simultaneously with the songs, they would have been generally accepted or too much flaws with the videos wouldn't have been seen.

9ice's 'No be Mistake' video seems to be rocking my heart. Though it had some element of 'copycat' from other videos at the beginning, it pulled the strings after that till the end. The photographer character added something different to the usual party scenes we are already used to in naija videos. Big ups to 9ice for doing this video not too far from when the song was released. I'm sure he learnt a big lesson from the 'Gongo -Aso' video.

'No be Mistake' say I don turn Naija musical video critic.


T.Notes said...

Oh!!I saw the Fall in Love video sometime this week and i thought it was an old one i hadn't come across. i.e, since the song has out-played its useful lifespan!
Hence true point, why release a vid junk years after people have grown tired of hearing the song?!The video just ends up flying under radar.

Not familiar with the 9ce one tho.

Life around Me said...

aha... i am with you on the fact that i look for flaws in every Nigerian song or movie(for the movies, i give up for now). The d'banj's video, i have seen it once and i think it was almost over acted(maybe i'll get another opinion if i watch it again).

Thanks for stopping by my blog, i really appreciate.

Naijalines said...

I like 9ice sha. He's got swagger.

Aiesha said...

Hi musco... Realli agree wiv watchu sed nd as just lyk T.Notes, d 1st tym I saw dt vid, Ithot it was 1 i had seen b4, like d 1 4 d m-net face of africa thingy...
ps...thnx 4 stoppin by ma blog!

Afronuts said...

I love tearing our naija music videos to pieces...too many copycats and lack of creativity in so many places...

And the delay between music and video can be so counterproductive..dont they know that?

I feel you on that jare

sosexy said...

True talk, was just discussing same thing with friends yesterday..
Hope you good? Take care