Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Thoughts ....

I'm definitely getting tired of young Nigerians trying to put the blame of everything on government. Fine, we all know that our government have been hopeless over the years but the fact remains that every of us has contributed to making Nigeria have the same kind of re-cycled leaders. Since I was born in the early 80s, Nigeria has gone from bad to worse. We haven't had a leader that has done anything spectacular in making things better for the country. All we have had so far are just politicians who take joy in killing each other and enriching their pockets. With all these, I still believe Nigeria isn't a failed state yet.

Presently, the young generation has started speaking out with one voice against bad governance but it seems and obvious that the marches to Aso Rock and other places will never be enough. The politicians already know who will be the next President of our great country. I'm sure they even have the next political landscape agenda for Nigeria in the next 20 years figured out. Even if we youths cry out and march till tomorrow, it may never amount to giving us good leaders.

This has been raging inside my head as a solution ... it may sound stupid but I think it makes a lot of sense. The young generation should start a political party and give proper opposition to the political parties. Let people like Fela Durotoye and other notable names in his category be put forward as the presidential candidates, even if he doesn't win, to a large extent the old politicians will know that the young generation means business!

The marches will never be enough because that won't change anything!

..... just wondering - why can't I ever leave my thoughts in my head?!


neefemi said...

i agree with you though and i think that will happen in time....

T.Notes said...

ha ha,i don't agree with u bcos...ehmm,no reason,i just wana disagree!lol!
Fela Durotoye as president?Hmm,thats a first!!!!It'd b a wasted vote but i'd vote4 him pronto!

Naijalines said...

Little steps and b4 we know it, it's done.

They said "Yes We Can" and they did.

Naija youth can, too.

sosexy said...

Hmmm, Ok..Thank God you said ''my thoughts''
Won't add more.