Sunday, February 28, 2010


With the few months I have spent in this 'unpredictable weather & tasteless food' country, I am getting fed up and pissed with listening to the news and reading the newspapers(at least I get to read free newspaper on the bus & wondering what it would like to get to read Punch or Guardian for free on a BRT bus in Lagos) everyday and noticing that people are either being murdered or killed for no just reason. Almost everyday, I read stuffs that gets me scared even when I walk down the street or inside the bus for the fear of being attacked by someone that has been watching too much of serial-killing films or just for the fun of it. As I write this, I am beginning to imagine sitting inside the bus tomorrow with another of such case staring up in my face or the discovery of another dead body somewhere.

This is why I'm pissed.......!

In the last few months, I have come to realise the media has so much influence on the minds of the people. This might not be totally true but to a large extent I think the media does judging from TV shows like Eastenders, X Factor e.t.c in terms of followership. If something needs to be done to stop the sudden disappearance of people who most times end up found dead, a whole week should be dedicated to showcase some of these tragedies and the effects it has or will have on the society instead of showcasing adverts always full of naked people or sexual undertones!

A more collective society should be encouraged. From a 'Naija' perspective, living an individualistic life is definitely not in our roots. It's so interesting that we can leave the keys to our house in the neighbours house for other members of the family to pick up. Here, you can live in your house for ten good years without even ever saying 'good morning' to each other. So how do you know if your neighbour is in trouble or needs help? Even when you know he/she needs help, you 'jejeli' mind your own business.

Wetin concern me sef?


Naijalines said...

I hear you. There are programmes like 'Crimewatch' and 'Missing' on BBC. They help to publicise incidents and appeal for info. It's helped solve crimes, and reunite families in the case of those who go missing.

Unfortunately, just as we have our problems at home, these western societies are also far from perfect. Living in isolation is not healthy - it sure isn't.

Rayo said...

Although they blame us Africans for doing the same thing, I think that Western culture is greatly based on the belief of "every man for himself"; especially in the more educated areas.

musco said...

@Naijalines- I watch 'Crimewatch' but the emphasis is on solving the murders not putting a stop to them.Besides, it airs once a month.

Thanks 4 d comment sis!

@Rayo- U re on point!If these things were happening in Africa as often as it happens here, u can imagine what they would have projected to the entire world.

Naijalines said...

Missing airs on weekday mornings BBC1, depending on the programme schedule.

I don't see how murders can be stopped from happening if people are intent on doing them. One 'indirect deterrent' is to have high rates of detection which is where crimewatch helps.

Besides, just because murders aren't widely reported doesn't mean it happens less in Nigeria. All those people that disappear without trace, including children; what happened to them? Is there any 'missing' or 'crimewatch' equivalent in Nigeria?

The closest you get to raising social consciousness in Nigeria is Newsline!!!

Naijalines said...

At least the police do their job here and help solve crimes. What do our police do at home?

All those headless bodies in the street, what happened to them. how many get reported?

Don't get me started o. This has become a post, so I will do one on my blog. Before we complain about the ills of western society, (and like I said it is far from perfect) we should all look closer to home!

Monsieur Strong is always complaining and I tell him to stop it, cos if it is that great at home, what are we all doing here?

musco said...
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musco said...

@ Naijalines-ahhhhh egbon mi! e ti fe take me up seriously o. Besides o dabi wipe eyin gan ti di oyinbo tan.

i'm really loving this .... ur points are noted and appreciated!

Naijalines said...

Loving it too, aburo.

We all complain I know. but we also have to face the truth jare.

Mo ti di oyinbo abi? I hear that occasionally. But ooto oro o so pe ka ma so oun o.

It's not that serious really. I just like a good debate. No long thing:-)

musco said...

@Naijalines- we sure need to face the truth. d bottomline or vibe behind d post is dt no single society is perfect!

... nice to know I can generate a debate such as this with the prestigious Naijalines.

Miss FlyHigh said...

Your really begining to notice the flaws of 'London' I like that. It's not the land of milk & honey like some people think.
I was born n bred here and I have grown to understand that London is just to cold!

Naija society has a collective mind and I prefer that by far to the individualist attitude

Myne Whitman said...

Individualism is the order of the day in western countries esp the more educated and urban areas. But you have to agree that they have made it a bit easier for their citizens in order to cushion the effect.

neefemi said...

i agree with you men, its very hard but its almost over - just focus on what you are here for.....have a great week

Uzezi said...

the media does indeed have a lot of influence on people. so it is up to us to determine what we want to watch, believe and what we let influence us. i guess this is why most westerners have a fixed perspective about the big country AFRICA. the media again.

everywhere indeed has its own problem. there is no perfect community, but when people understand the simple commandment of loving one's neighbour as oneself, so many problems we have today, world over, will not even arise.