Saturday, November 24, 2007

NYSC is killing me

Well,i really think i need to share my thots with someone.I used to think NYSC was fun but now it has become a nightmare for me.After spending three unecessary weeks in the ''smelly" orientation camp in Ekiti,I was really looking forward to my service year in lagos.
My initial delight of serving in lagos started becoming a nightmare when the company I was working with before service refused to absolve me back as their staff.I decided to hope for the best in terms of posting but unfortunately for me,I was posted to a ''419'' school to teach.(wonder why NYSC lagos does not realise there's a difference between a B.A & a B.ed graduate).
Those of us posted to the school complained and we were reposted but the sad part of it is that I was the only one out of those posted to the ''419'' school that was posted back to a school.
Wonder how i'm going to put in my best to serving my fatherland when i got a job in a tite company in V.I and the principal of the school I was reposted to is not willing to reject me.
I must however say special thanks to all friends & family that have kept me going these last few weeks with their phone calls & text messages.Dad & mum-u guys ve bn great,1 & only sis(damilola)-ur messages kept me going,swthrt mi(ifeoluwa)-u'v shown me u will b more than a wonderful wife,dupsy-tanx 4 d concern,funmi(chubby)-u'v also bn a good friend.
I'm gradually making up my mind just as u guys ve said to enjoy the best of what this service year has to offer!

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