Monday, November 26, 2007


It's another week and i've finally resigned to fate that I have to teach English throughout my service year.It has not been a rosy decision at all.I didn't have a choice than to start clearance today so as not to miss this month's ''allawee'' and also to avoid NYSC query which may result to extension of service year and other forms of punishment.

The principal of the school is beginning to talk to me anyhow and I'm bidding my time to give him a full dose of the ''musco character''.I actually don't blame him,I blame our so called leaders,politicians,governors,senators,reps who have allowed the NYSC scheme to be seen as cheap labour.Presently in Lagos, various companies,banks,schools(name it) are making use of corpers as effective cheap labour.One of the first things I will do if I ever become the Chief Executive of my state or hold any influential position is to ensure that corpers are treated fairly in terms of the pay package they get.I have seen and experienced enough to ensure that the entire scheme is scraped or reforms such as the one we have in the pension industry or the proposed electoral reform is put in place for the NYSC scheme.

Well,I'm still depressed and I really don't have much to say today but I can assure whoever is reading this that I will continue to pour out my thoughts throughout this service year.This is just the beginning!

I promise to give a dose of my orientation experience & a list of the wonderful friends I have met in the last few weeks in my next write-up.

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